Let’s start at the very begining

Posted on: May 10, 2011

When I first found out I was pregnant, I began reading the book “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”.  It’s a great book for pregnant women. Kind of like a pregnancy dictionary and it fully lives up to its name.  While reading, I came across one chapter that had a section on unsolicited advice.  I read it, of course, but thought, ‘Why would they put a section on that in there’?  It wasn’t too long before I found out why. 

Now, I had expected some comments and “advice” here and there, but what I actually encountered made me feel like I was living out the “Under Attack” scene in “Mamma Mia” (The Broadway musical, not the movie).  It seemed like everybody and their brother had some kind of “advice” to throw my way.  Of course, I know that everyone had good intentions and appreciate their willingness to help me out.  However, when you have about 20 people a day (ok, maybe that # is a slight exaggeration, but that’s what it felt like) telling you what kind of car seat to buy, that you have to get a swing, what type of crib to get, how to put your nursery together, what kind of stroller to buy, and so on, it gets a little old.  You have to learn to just smile and nod.  Being this was my first child, I don’t know if this happens when you’re on your second or third pregnancy, but I can imagine it’s more of a first time around thing. 

So, to all you first time pregnant women out there from a former first time pregnant woman, here is my “advice”.  People are going to say all kinds of things to you.  Just grin and bear it and smile and nod.  After all, while you may have to listen to their advice, you don’t have to follow it.

**Side Note  – In case you are feeling overwhelmed by all the products out there and need help deciding what to buy, check this book out:

2 Responses to "Let’s start at the very begining"

I’m so proud of you putting out a blog! I’ve been wanting to for years but I can seem to find the time and worry about having enough content. As far as what you wrote…you are absolutely correct! I definitely will follow your blog. Good luck and happy blogging!

Thank you Eileen! I’m excited about starting my blog and hope people enjoy reading it.

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