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Posted on: May 12, 2011

Continuing on from yesterday, here are a few more things that come along with pregnancy that I didn’t know about.  Maybe you already knew about these things, but no one told me.

1).  Could I be any more clumsy?  I was very well aware of “pregnancy brain” syndrome and that my brain would pretty much vacate my head for nine months (remind me to tell you about how I bought a bag of mozzarella cheese at the grocery store 3 weeks in a row because I thought I didn’t have any at home).  But, I wasn’t aware I would become super clumsy girl.  And, this went way beyond just tripping over my own feet.  I also had a major case of  butter fingers.  I was dropping things left and right and managed to break a couple of dishes and drinking glasses.  It got so bad that my husband bought me a cover for my cell phone so I wouldn’t damage it every time I dropped it.  Sheesh! 

2).  What is that line on my stomach?  We all know about those horrid, wretched stretch marks that make your stomach look like Freddy Krueger scratched it with his long finger nails.*  But what you may not be as familiar with is the Linea nigra.  It’s this line that suddenly appears on your big ‘ol pregnant tummy out of nowhere.  One day, normal tummy. The next day, you wake up with this line on your stomach running from your belly button down and you think, “what the heck is that”.  I was told that it goes away after you have the baby.  Not so.  Six months later I’m still sportin’ mine.  But, there is hope.  Three words for you ladies:  Palmer’s Cocoa Butter.  Thanks to my friend the cocoa bean, my line is definitely fading.  Still there, but fading.

3).  Did you really just say that?  I’ve come to the conclusion that when a non pregnant person (male or female) sees a pregnant woman, they think it’s open season to say whatever comes into their head.  For example, the following was said to me, “Oh, you’re pregnant?  I just thought you were gaining weight”.  REALLY?  Since when is it ok to comment on a woman’s weight like that?  This next little gem was said to pregnant friend of mine who had previously had a miscarriage, “Don’t scrub your bathtub because I had a miscarriage from cleaning my bathtub”.  OK, first of all, you don’t have miscarriages from cleaning your bathtub. Second of all, why would you say that to someone who you know had a miscarriage before?  I could go on and on with these. I won’t.  But, again, sadly, I could…

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