Gelato anyone?

Posted on: May 13, 2011

The weather in our area has FINALLY started to get nice.  It’s actually been in the 80’s all week!  To celebrate this fabulous weather my husband and I decided to get some Gelato Tuesday night.  We found a parking spot a little ways down from the Gelato place and then walked.  As we approached the Gelato store there were a couple of older women sitting outside at one of the outdoor tables.  One woman had to be at least 70-75 yrs old (let’s call her W1) and the other (W2) was probably in her 60’s.  When we walked by their table and they saw our baby, they started oohing and ahhing.  My husband stopped to be polite and say hello and to show off the baby.  And, why wouldn’t he?  Our son is adorable! Ha!  Ok, I’ll stop now….hehe 

So, continuing on with the story….so, the ladies were oogling over the baby and W1 says, “Hi little man. Tell me, what do you think of Cougars”? 

AAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!  Slightly SCARY and CREEPY all at the same time.  And yet, also a little funny.  I was like, Lady, you’re 75 years old and he’s 6 months old!  What exactly are you going to do here?  EEEEEEEKKKKKKK! 

Needless to say, we then proceeded to make our way QUICKLY into the Gelato shop.  Thankfully, when we came back out W1 and W2 had left.  We were able to sit and enjoy our Gelato without having to worry some 75 year old cougar was coming after our son.  You just never know….

2 Responses to "Gelato anyone?"

Leah, this is great…I mean your blog! As far as that comment, wow, that’s a bit odd! People seriously say the strangest things once you have a baby. There is a guy at my job that acts a bit weird towards me (think it’s his personality) but he would tell me the strangest things about his wife being pregnant and just really random thoughts! Well, that’s how life is right? But congrats on getting the blog up, is it going to be an everyday thing? I’ll try and keep up on it…thanks for sharing your life here 🙂

Thanks Ranay! People definitely say some strange things sometimes when you have a baby and especially when you’re pregnant. Crazy! I am going to try and post each day Monday-Friday and take weekends off. We’ll see how it goes. Thanks for your support!

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