Posted on: May 24, 2011

Nothing can prepare you for what it’s like the first time you have to rush your baby to the doctor because you’re scared he is seriously injured.   Your heart races and you pray everything is ok and it’s not as bad as you think it is.  That was me this morning. 

Everything was going as usual until it came time to give the baby his vitamins.  He was on the changing table sitting up and I had my arm around him to support him.  I reached forward to grab his vitamins, my arm slipped from behind him and he fell backwards hitting his head on the end of the changing table.  He, of course, began to cry immediately, and I felt so horrible.  I scooped him up to comfort him as quick as I could.  He cried for a bit and then calmed down.  There were no visible bumps, bruises, or bleeding and he seemed ok, so I figured he was fine. 

A little later I noticed he seemed a bit more docile than usual and wasn’t his cheerful chatty self.  I got him settled in the car and drove to the babysitters.  On the way, he suddenly fell asleep.  Normally he is wide awake at this time so I panicked thinking he had a concussion.  I immediately called the doctor and they told me to bring him in.  At this point, I’m freaking out, crying, praying as hard as I could, and thinking what a horrible mother I am to let my son hit his head like that.  I called work to let them know I’d be late and got to the doctor as quick as I could. 

When we got to the doctor, “G” woke up and started smiling.  This gave me some hope that he was actually ok and I hadn’t bonked the living daylights out of him and given him a severe brain injury.  We went in and the nurse was great with my little man.  She tried to calm me down as I sat there crying because I was so worried.  The doctor came in shortly after and checked my little monkey out.  Turns out he was perfect!  No bumps, bruises, vomiting, or anything else to indicate a concussion.  Praise God for that!  By the time we left he was his normal, happy self. 

I left the doctor feeling VERY relieved and took my little guy to the babysitter and went to work.  As I drove, I realized that this was just the first of many such episodes to come.  I’ve got many years of bumps, bruises, falls, scrapes, and worrying to come.  Such is my life as a mommy.

2 Responses to "Trauma"

Oh Leah, my heart was throbbing while reading this! Wow, I know how you feel, but have never had to rush to the doctors/hospital that way. I never told anyone but Juan, but now that I remember it was the day of your baby shower, I was getting ready and put Chloe in her carseat which was on the living room chair. I didn’t strap her in since she wasn’t that skirmy at that point (I think she was 5 months) and I was going to run and brush my teeth upstairs. Well a minute later, I hear a thump and then crying and my stomach sank and I ran to look and she was face down on the hard floor, screaming! I quickly ran down the stairs trying not to slip while saying “Chloe, Chloe, Chloe I’m so sorry!” Well, she was fine, no bumps and luckily her head hit the rug. Whew, close call! But I called Juan and told him what happened, crying my eyes out and felt so horrible, exactly how you felt! All these events make us stronger as a mom, even if it’s painful in the process 🙂 Take heart momma, you’re not alone.

Oh, Ranay..that would be so hard too. That first bump/head trauma is so hard. Glad to know I’m not alone though.

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