Got Milk?

Posted on: June 9, 2011

In a perfect world all breast-feeding mothers would always have an ample supply of milk and all of their babies would nurse without any problems.  Ah, yes, that would be so lovely…..

Reality check!  It is not a perfect world and breast-feeding is not that simple.  This is something my friend Heather and I are both coming to grips with.  I’m convinced her daughter and my son are in cahoots with each other and have planned a nursing strike until their teeth come in.  With every push away from mommy and every cry for a bottle, it’s as if they’re saying, “Down with nursing!  Up with bottles!”.  And each time my little guy pushes away from me and fusses my body says, “Oh, he doesn’t want milk?  Ok, I’ll produce less then”.  And I scream, “NO!”.

As a result of the “no nursing” revolution my son has started, I feel like my lactation consultant is quickly becoming my new best friend.  Her and I have had many conversations recently on what to do to help my little guy and I through this.  She has opened my eyes to the wonderful world of herbal supplements.  I never knew there were so many out there and, more specifically, so many that help increase a mother’s milk supply.  Boy am I glad there is though! 

There is a store called New Mother New Baby  who sell such supplements (they also sell tons of other fabulous mommy/baby items and offer classes as well).  It is a great place to check out.  I encourage all you expectant moms and new moms to check it out. 

Hopefully soon my little man’s first tooth will come in and he’ll start to nurse more regularly again.  But, until then, at least I know how to boost my milk supply.  To my lactation conusltant/new best friend, I say “THANK YOU”.

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