Changing table gymnastics

Posted on: July 11, 2011

A few weeks ago, my son finally figured out how to roll from his back to his tummy.  He figured out quite a while ago how to go from tummy to back, but going the opposite way took a bit longer.  Now that he’s figured it out though, it’s like a whole new world has been opened up to him.  It’s as if he thinks he now has the freedom to do whatever he wants. 

Of course, this makes things a bit more…interesting…Ever try changing a baby’s diaper while they attempt to roll over multiple times?  Yeah…not easy.  I put him down on the changing table, get his diaper out, open the wipes and in the short minute it has taken me to do that, my son has rolled himself from his back to his stomach and is laughing and wanting to play.  So, I flip him back over and try again.  He tries to roll around one more time. So, I finally resort to strapping him in.  He doesn’t always like it, but if I want to get his diaper changed, that’s how it’s got to be.   

It’s funny because before he figured out how to roll from his back to his stomach he hated tummy time.  He would cry and wimper and never want to be on his stomach.  Now, he loves it!  Amazingly, he will actually stay on his stomach for more than a minute.  I guess he just needed to know he could get there all by himself and control what he is doing instead of having mommy or daddy do it for him.  Hmmmm, my little man is a control freak already.  Uh oh!  😉

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