The best sound I’ve ever heard

Posted on: July 19, 2011

Hi everyone!  It has been quite some time since my last post and I apologize.  Things have been a bit hectic around here and I have, unfortunately, not had much time to write.  But, here I am today! 

I’ll never forget my little man’s first laugh.  I was changing his diaper and something struck him as funny and he let out this cute little giggle.  I think the sound of a baby’s laughter is like nothing else I’ve ever heard.  Especially my own baby.  I can be having a horrible day, be completely exhausted and miserable, and as soon as I hear him laugh, all that unpleasantness melts away.  Some days, I can get him laughing really hard and it’s so cute that it makes me laugh so hard that I start crying.  I love it!

What amazes me, is how the simplest things make him laugh.  Things that would never make an adult laugh make him break into hysterics.  For example, every time he sees me brush my teeth, he gets a huge grin on his face and laughs.  Brushing my teeth…who would have guessed that would be funny to a baby?  The same thing happens every time I sneeze or yawn. 

One of my favorite laughing bouts of his happened just last week.  I had just finished making dinner when “G” started to fuss because he was hungry.  I hadn’t eaten anything since lunch and was very hungry myself, so I grabbed a few bites out of the pan before I took him in the other room to feed him.  I was holding him while I did this.   Because I had just finished making the food, it was very hot, so I had to blow on it to cool it off.  Every time I blew on a bite, “G” would laugh hysterically.  It took me quite by surprise that was something he would find funny, but it was the cutest thing I had ever seen.  His laughter filled the kitchen and he had me laughing right along with him. 

My little man’s laughter is something I will never grow tired of hearing. **

**Side note:  I tried to upload an adorable video of “G” laughing, but am having difficulties.  I will upload it as soon as I can figure a couple of things out.

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