The saga continues

Posted on: August 10, 2011

On Sunday afternoon the nurse from the pediatrician’s office called me with the results of “G”‘s blood test.  And the verdict is:  Low Hemoglobin and iron levels.  *sigh*  Not what I wanted to hear.  No mother wants to hear there is something wrong with their child, whether it’s something small and easily resolved or a larger issue. 

The nurse told me in order to raise his iron level, I need to give my little man foods that are high in iron.  The list she gave me was as follows:  Meats, egg yolk(hard-boiled), green leafy vegetables, rice cereal 2x a day.  On the surface, the list doesn’t seem bad. But, throw in the mix the fact that my son is only 9 months old and still discovering what he does and does not like to eat, and it becomes more complicated.  You want to know how many of the items on that list my son will actually eat?  ONE.  The cereal, of course. 

Before this issue even arose, I began trying to get my son to eat all of those things.  No matter what I try, he just does not want to eat them.  I’ve had to get really creative trying different food combinations in an effort to “hide” the flavor of the one he doesn’t like, but to no avail.  So, I went out and purchased some infant vitamins with iron in them.  I figure that is going to be the easiest way to help increase his iron level while I try to come up with even more creative food combinations to get him to eat that stuff. 

Here’s hoping all of this doesn’t indicate a future picky eater.

4 Responses to "The saga continues"

I’m sorry Leah, that isn’t very fun to deal with! The vitamins were a good option since he is still young and hasn’t tried all the iron-rich foods yet. Chloe was given hardboiled egg at 10 months and reacted really bad to it with a whole body rash and swelling! Yikes, thank God for Benedryl! He also needs more time to experience the new foods and develop tastes for them so don’t give in to the fact he might be picky. I think all moms have to get creative with feeding their babies and I even picked up Multivitamin drops for Chloe also since we felt it would boost her immune system and fill in those vitamins we think she was lacking from her food. All the best luck to you and a healthy baby!

Thanks Ranay. It’s helpful to hear about your experiences with Chloe. Fortunately, Giovanni has not had an allergic reaction to the egg yolk. He just doesn’t like it. haha But, I have figured out some good foods to hide that in. Seems to be working now. He doesn’t seem to like any of the meats I give him though. We’re working on that. Hopefully soon!

Uggh it is what it is. I still can’t get Elijah to eat. And he’s two and a half. What a wonderful battle to deal with!

Yeah, I’m learning that. Some days he will eat things, other days he just won’t. Oh, well.

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