Is it time yet?

Posted on: August 15, 2011

We all go through stages in life.  Many of these stages involve getting asked questions by family and friends.  Here are some examples and the order they usually occur in:

1). So, when are you going to get a boyfriend/girlfriend?

2).  (After you have a boyfriend/girlfriend) When are you guys going to get married?

3).  (After you’re married) When are you going to have kids?

4). (After your first child comes along) When are you going to have more kids?

I am currently in the stage of life where I am getting asked question #4 a lot.  Ever since we got married people were constantly asking when we were going to have a baby. Then, five years later, we have one and for some reason we get asked almost right away, when we will be having another baby.

The first time I got asked this was when my little man was only three months old.  That seems crazy to me.  When he was three months old I was worrying about things like when he would start sleeping through the night, what it was going to be like going back to work, how much milk I would need to pump…  Having another baby was nowhere near being on the radar.  And, now that he’s nine months old, it still isn’t.  Yet, I still get asked question #4 day after day.

Many people do chose to have their babies close in age for various reasons and I can understand that.  However, it’s something that works for some people but definitely not for everyone.  We fall into the “not for everyone” category.  Yes, of course, we will have more children.  Just not any time soon.

Perhaps if you wait and then ask me that question again in a year, maybe I’ll have a different answer.

2 Responses to "Is it time yet?"

Leah I am also at #4, and the most shocking one to me was when Kylie was 3 DAYS old. Yep, that’s right and guess who asked it… inlaws!! They wanted a boy and obviously Kylie isn’t so the first 60 seconds after they met her they asked when we were going to have another so they could have their grandson! I was disgusted and wanted to tell them to get out of my house, but I held my tounge and in the most polite way I could simply told them, We have no plans to have another anytime soon, we just want to enjoy having Kylie and are thankful she is a healthy baby girl. Some people are just so rude, and it involves nobody but you and your spouse about when or IF you will have anymore kids. I don’t understand why people think they are entitled to give their opinion on how to live your life and what life changing decisions you should make, when they aren’t affected by it at all. Just keep on doing what you do best, being the best Mommy you can possibly be! Hope you and G are doing great! Can’t wait to meet him!! He’s adorable!

Cat, that is CRAZY that she said that to you 3 days after Kylie was born! Unbelieveable! People definitely feel they are entitled to tell you what you should do with your life. I try so hard not to do that to other people because I hate it. Ugh! I’ve been doing like you and telling people we don’t have any plans for another baby any time soon. The other question we’re getting is, “when are you going to move back to Rochester”? That is just as bad as #4…

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