We always need our moms

Posted on: September 10, 2011

Over the past month I have watched my little man grow more independent each day as he learns new skills.  How to feed himself, how to crawl, how to hold his bottle and sippy cup all by himself.  With each new skill, I get excited and sad at the same time.  The excited part of me whips out the camera and snaps a bunch of pictures (I never knew how camera crazy I could be until he was born).  The sad part of me looks at him and thinks, “I can’t believe he doesn’t need me already”.  Yes, he is only 10 months old and obviously still needs me for pretty much everything.  But, it already feels like he is growing up so fast and there is this little part of me (ok, maybe a big part) that wants him to stay this age forever so he’ll always need me.

Watching my son grow got me thinking about my own life.  We all grow up sooner or later and, as we become adults, we become very independent and learn to take care of ourselves and do all the things grown ups do.  We get jobs, buy a car, get married, have children, take care of our houses.  We are responsible for our own lives and, oftentimes, think we are so independent that we don’t need help from anyone else.  But, I’ve come to realize, no matter how independent I may be, I will always need my mother.

This past Labor Day weekend, my mother came to visit.  Her visit couldn’t have come at a better time because I had pinched a nerve earlier in the week and had been experiencing a lot of pain, making it difficult to do anything around the house, let alone pick up my little “G”.  My mother was such a wonderful help to us!  She helped with the baby, cooked dinner, vacuumed the house,went grocery shopping with me, and more.  And all without me even having to ask.  I appreciated the help more than she realized.

Why did she do all of that for me?  She did it because she’s my mother and that’s what moms do.  They take care of their children, no matter how old they are, no matter how independent, no matter how far away they live.  And, whether we like to admit it or not, we all need our moms to take care of us in this way.  And, that’s why I know that no matter how fast my little monkey grows and how independent he becomes, he will always need me.

Thank you mom!  I love you!

2 Responses to "We always need our moms"

Aww so true! I love moms!

I love you too!

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