The “joys” of nap time

Posted on: September 24, 2011

Some days putting my little man down for a nap is super easy.  He’s so tired that he doesn’t fight it at all and goes right to sleep as soon as I lay his tired little body in the crib.  Other days you would think he was getting a shot the way he objects to taking a nap.  That was today.

After a good morning and a relaxing time visiting a friend who just had a baby, we came home and it was time for “G”‘s nap.  It was easy to see he was tired, so I put him in his crib, turned the music on, and left the room.  He fussed for quite a while.  Eventually he began chattering to himself and I could tell he probably wasn’t going to sleep. So, I gave in and took him out of the crib to play for a little while.   That was my mistake.  I should have just left him in there.

It was soon time for lunch, so I gave him a bottle and then some macaroni.  Well, it wasn’t too long into lunch before he started screaming and crying.  He wouldn’t eat very much, which is unusual for him, so I decided it was nap time again.  So, I put him in the crib and went for it again.  He fussed even more this time.  Cried and cried, but I remained strong and left him in there.  Boy was he fighting it though!  Eventually it was quiet and I poked my head into his room and saw this:

yeah, he was tired.

Now he gets a much-needed nap and mommy gets some free time.

4 Responses to "The “joys” of nap time"

Oh my goodness — this made me laugh…so cute. And he’s current with all the “planking” picture people are taking these days 🙂

Thanks! It was so funny to see him like that! I busted up laughing.

Cute picture, still giggling!

Thanks! I laughed so much when I saw him like that. 🙂

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