The secret to getting out of jury duty

Posted on: September 27, 2011

I’ve discovered the secret to getting out of jury duty!  Yep, that’s right.  I figured it out.  Fortunately for you, I’m going to share it.  However, I’m afraid it only applies to women who are currently nursing.  I apologize to the rest of you who were hoping this would help you get out of jury duty as well.

A couple of months ago I got called up for jury duty (yes, I know..not current information.  But, I was inspired by someone today to write this so even though it happened a while ago, I’m blogging it today).  Jury duty was definitely not something I wanted to do.  Who does?  But, despite my hatred towards the idea of being stuck in a court room all day, my first thought was actually, “How am I going to pump”?  Any nursing mom can tell you that missing a pumping or nursing session is not fun.  First, that’s less milk you’ve pumped for your baby.  Second, it’s physically painful and uncomfortable.  Third, each feeding/pump you miss causes your body to produce less milk. So, as you can see, I had every reason to be concerned about jury duty.  Can’t exactly whip out my pump in the middle of the court room. 

I called the court-house not knowing what to expect and ready to put up a fight if they insisted I attend.  Fortunately, a woman answered the phone.  Put me a bit at ease knowing that, even if she didn’t have children of her own, she would be more understanding of my situation than a man would.  She was, in fact, very understanding and without hesitation told me I would be excused from jury duty.  All I needed to do was fax over a letter from my doctor confirming I nurse my baby.  It was that easy!  I breathed a sigh of relief and got on the phone with my doctor’s office.  Pretty nice, huh?  Now, let’s just hope it’s a long time before I get called again. If I’m lucky, maybe it’ll be when I have my next child and am nursing again.  One can only hope.


2 Responses to "The secret to getting out of jury duty"

So awesome! I’ve actually gotten out of Jury duty twice – once for being in college (got a note from the dean) and once because we had just moved to Carlinville (got a note from my boss). I love missing jury duty :)!

Me too! It was great not having to go!

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