Another milestone completed

Posted on: October 3, 2011

Today was my little man’s first haircut!  I was very excited but also a little nervous because I wasn’t sure if he would sit still or not.  Saying he’s a VERY squirmy baby, is an understatement.  So, I wasn’t quite sure how it would go.

I picked him up from the sitter and started driving.  Literally two minutes later, he was asleep.  He slept the whole way to Kid Snips.  I thought he would wake up when we got there and I took him out of the car seat, but he didn’t.  But, I still wanted to get his hair cut so the stylist cut his hair while he was curled up in my arms asleep.  It was so sweet and I loved it! He woke up at the very end just in time for her to take his picture.

Here is a picture of his hair before.  Notice his long hair swept over to the side.  
And here it is after:

Here is a picture of the certificate they give you for a baby’s first haircut.  It’s really cute.  They put a lock of their hair on it and the picture they take:

I definitely enjoyed this special moment with my son today, despite the fact that he slept through it.  Yes, I paid $18 for a hair cut for an 11 month old. But, it was worth it since it was his first one (and my husband will cut his hair from now on, so no big deal paying for one hair cut).  Now I can put that cute certificate in his baby book and remember this day always.

First hair cut = Success!!

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