A day on the farm

Posted on: October 5, 2011

This past weekend a friend of mine and I took our kids to a local farm for the day.  It was a moms and kids fun day out.  The farm has a pumpkin patch, carnival rides, hay rides, camel rides (yep, you read that correctly..camel rides), tee pee’s, an educational barn, petting zoo, yummy food, and more.  As you will see from the many pictures I’m about to post, we had a great day.

First, we went into the educational barn to check out the tractors and the baby chicks in incubators (tractor in background, baby chicks to the right).

After this we went to the petting zoo.  This was one of the funnest parts of the day for me.  “G” loves animals and was mesmerized watching them all run around.  They had goats, sheep, baby pigs, hens/chickens, a baby llama, a calf, ducks, a donkey, and a rabbit.  Lots of animals in there!  Here we are with some of them.

Check out these cute little piggies.  They kept running into the middle of the feeding trough to hide under the other animals because they were scared.  Poor little piggies!

After the petting zoo my friend’s kids went on some rides and her, “G” and I hung out and watched them.  As you can see, “G” was quite comfortable and decided to take a moment and put his feet up.

Next, we headed over to the pumpkin patch.  On our way to the pumpkin patch we found this guy:

So, of course we had to stop and see how tall all the kids were.  After that, it was on to the pumpkins.  I put my little man in the middle of the pumpkins and went to town taking pictures.  He, of course discovered a loose piece of pumpkin stem and decided he needed to eat it.  Fortunately I was able to get it out of his mouth quickly.  My silly little monkey!

We went in the tee pee’s next and then back to the carnival rides.  Then, before we left, we made sure to stop in and see the White Tigers. Yep, they had a couple of White Tigers at the farm.  They were beautiful!  We were there just in time to see this guy enjoy a nice raw chicken for lunch.  Mmmm…

After that, we headed on home.  All in all, it was a great day and I would love to do it again soon!

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