The dinner time battle

Posted on: October 7, 2011

My little one is at the age where he is now able to eat a variety of finger foods.  It’s been an adventure figuring out which foods he’ll eat,.  Just trial and error.

Recently, however, he has started to voice his opinion even more on what foods he eats.  How does he do that since he doesn’t talk yet?  Allow me to take you on a journey through dinner time…

Things start out well with “G” eating his food with no problems.  He’s happy, smiling, and enjoying his dinner.  This lasts for a little while until he decides either a).  He’s bored and needs some entertainment or b).  He doesn’t want to eat what mommy is giving him.  Either way, we progress to the next step:  Throwing food off the high chair onto the floor.  If we’re in option “a”, he laughs hysterically while doing so.  If we’re in option “b”, he screams, gets red in the face, pouts, and stares at me as if to say, “I’m not eating this junk mom”.

After struggling to get him to actually eat his food instead of just throw it on the floor, dinner finally ends and what I’m left with is not pretty.  This is what my floor looks like after dinner:

Food all over the place!  And there are also usually assorted teething rings and such in the mix as well.  Messy, messy, messy.  But, I guess that’s what’s to be expected.

Looks like my vacuum and I are going to become quite close friends.

4 Responses to "The dinner time battle"

Hi.. I understand where you are now 🙂 Dinner time is the most difficult time for me too. It is totally different with lunch time 😀


yeah, lunch time seems ok for us too. Just dinner’s the bad one.

This sounds just like my toddler! Thanks for posting- nice to know I’m not the only one!

You’re definitely not the only one!

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