Baby’s first major illness

Posted on: October 14, 2011

As you’ve noticed by now, I haven’t posted at all this week.  There’s a reason for that.  My son was pretty sick from last Friday through just a couple of days ago.  This was our first major illness and it was quite an event in our household.  It all started last Friday…

Friday morning I noticed my son felt a little warm. I took his temperature and it was 99.2.  He is cutting two  new teeth right now so I figured that was causing the fever. He had a fever from teething before and seemed fine otherwise so why would I think anything different?  So, off we went to the babysitter and work.  I left work early that day, ran some errands and then went to pick “G” up. When I got there, the babysitter said he was sick and had a fever of 100.3.  She said she tried to call me at work, but couldn’t get a hold of me. Of course she couldn’t, I had left early that day.  I know I gave her my cell phone number also but she insists she only had my work number and that’s why she only called there. Anyways…I took one look at my little man and saw right away how sick he was. (I immediately felt EXTREMELY guilty for sending him to the sitter that day and not realizing he was sick.  How could I not see it?).  I picked him up from his chair and about three seconds later he threw up all over me.  I cleaned him up and then we left to go home.  I had to stop at Target on the way to pick up some Pedialyte.  Well, my little man threw up in the car on the way there.  Then, he threw up in the car on the way home.  My heart was completely wrenched and ripped in two at this point. He was so miserable and upset.  The rest of the night was spent with him snuggled up in my arms and me doing all I could to console him.

Saturday…”G”‘s fever was at 101.4 first thing in the morning and stayed in that range most of the day.  I spent the day giving him Tylenol and Pedialyte while holding and consoling him.  Fortunately he was able to keep the Pedialyte down and even drank some formula without throwing up.  Bed time rolled around and he felt warmer than he had all day.  So, I took his temperature again and discovered it had spiked to 103.  I went into an immediate panic.  103!  I called the doctor’s office and asked for the Pediatrician on call to call me back. While I awaited her phone call I nervously texted a bunch of my girlfriends whose children are older than “G” and asked them the highest their baby’s fever had ever reached and what I should do.  The doctor called a little while later and said I should bring him into the office walk in hours Sunday morning.

Sunday…As soon as “G” woke up, I took his temperature.  It had gone down to about 100, which greatly relieved me.  By the time we got to the doctor’s office and the nurse took his temperature, it was back to normal.  All I could do was say Thank God!  The doctor examined him and said he had a virus that was going around and that his fever should be over with.  She instructed me to keep him home the next day to ensure he would be fever free for 24 hours before sending him back to the babysitter.  I felt very relieved and glad the end was in sight.  My little monkey was still quite fussy and clingy the rest of the day and went to bed at 6:00pm.  8:15pm rolls around and he wakes up screaming and screaming.  I could tell something was wrong but wasn’t sure what.  I did everything I could think of; gave him Tylenol, a bottle, rocked him, walked him, but nothing worked. He finally went back to sleep at 11:30pm.  4:00am – he woke up again. Same thing. screaming loudly with no sign of stopping.  He fell asleep again about 5:30am while I rocked him. That’s where we slept until he woke up again at 7:00 and this time he was up for good.

Monday…That’s when I noticed it.  The rash.  It was all over my poor little man’s body.  And, I mean ALL over.  He was obviously uncomfortable and itchy.  I called the doctor’s office and spoke with a nurse. She said I had better bring him in to the office.  So, off we went to the doctor again.  His pediatrician took one look at him and knew exactly what was wrong: Roseola.  Apparently it’s a very common virus babies get. Common perhaps, but this first time mommy didn’t know about it.  And, why would I unless someone had told me?  So, the doctor said I could give him Benadryl at night to help him sleep if he was uncomfortable but other than that, there really isn’t anything you can do.  You just have to wait it out.  I was sure to give him Benadryl that night so we wouldn’t have a repeat of Sunday night’s horror.  Worked like a charm and he slept all night!

Tuesday…Rash still present and all over. Baby fussy.  Day two mommy took off work.

Wednesday…Rash still present but faded so mommy goes back to work and baby goes to babysitter.  When I went to pick him up at the end of the day, his rash was almost gone.  Thank you Jesus!

Thursday…Rash gone and my little man was back to his normal happy self.

Crisis over!

3 Responses to "Baby’s first major illness"

Elijah had roseola on his first birthday 😦 (and the majority of that week). We spent lots and lots of time cuddling adn watching the Incredibles 🙂

Glad G is feeling better!

Thanks Christine! I’m glad too. It was scary because his fever got so high. I’m glad it’s all over and that our doctor’s office has a pediatrician on call!

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