Penny for your thoughts

Posted on: December 2, 2011

Do you ever look at your baby and wonder what’s going on inside that head of theirs?  I do.

This morning during breakfast, “G” was sitting in his high chair, enjoying his banana and yogurt and just babbling and “talking” away.  I looked at him and thought, “I wonder what’s going on in that head of yours.  What is it you think you’re saying to me”?  He looked at me with his big beautiful eyes, smiled, and said “Ba, ba.  Aahh”.  I laughed and thought, “I can’t wait for the day you can talk to me for real and I’ll know exactly what you’re thinking”.

Most days I stare at him and wonder what he thinks of his mommy.  What does he think when I talk to him in a playful voice or make silly faces at him?  What goes through his mind when I’m talking to him in the car or playing with him?  Does he think, “what the heck are you doing lady?  Why are you talking to me like that”?  Does he just think I’m strange and that’s why he laughs?

One just never knows what a baby is thinking.  There are certain indicators of course, as to how they are feeling.  Obviously smiles and laughter mean they’re happy.  There are the excited screams, unhappy screams, tears that flow when they’re in pain and not feeling well, and so much more.

What I love are the times I actually can figure out what he’s thinking.  You know when that is?  When he’s being mischievous (just like his daddy).  “G” will be in the room with me and all of a sudden start toddling towards the door. I’ll call his name, he’ll turn to look at me, smile and bolt for the door again.  His face says it all; “I’m running away from you mommy. Come catch me”!  There are also the times he attempts to grab the cats food or play in her water dish.  I tell him “no” in my firm no-nonsense mommy voice, he looks at me, smiles, raises his eyebrows  and gives me this, “Oh yeah?  What are you going to do if I touch it, mommy” look.  That’s when I realize, I’m in for it.  If he keeps this up, he’s going to be one little trouble maker.  But, I shouldn’t be surprised at this.  After all, he does take after my husband, the jokester.  I think I’ve mentioned before about the time he emptied the top drawer of my dresser and filled it with packing peanuts.  Uh-huh…yeah…this is what I’m in for now with my son.  You better believe my husband will stop at nothing to pass along his little antics to my son.  I can hear him putting ideas into “G”‘s head… “Go hide around the corner and jump out at mommy when she walks by”, “Take a bite of mommy’s hamburger when she’s not looking”, “Put this rubber band around the sprayer on the faucet and when mommy turns the water on she’ll get soaked”.  Yep, this is what I’m in for.

you know, maybe I don’t want to know what’s inside my little monkey’s head just yet.  Perhaps it’s better I don’t know what mischief he’s planning.  Hmmm…I think I’ll just stick to enjoying his little babbling sounds and chasing him around the house.

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