Bed time

Posted on: December 11, 2011

Sometimes I really hate bed time.  Well, not my bed time; I LOVE me some sleep!  It’s my son’s bed time that I hate.

One of the challenges I’ve had as a parent has been letting my son fall asleep on his own and not rocking him to sleep every night.  Ever since he was born, I have loved rocking him to sleep.  Feeling his little warm body snuggled up next to mine, the smell of his hair, kissing his soft cheek, feeling his small fingers grasp mine so tightly.  I love everything about it.

Unfortunately though, there comes a point when you have to start putting them to bed without rocking them to sleep.  You have to put them in the crib and let them fall asleep on their own.  This of course, usually involves crying.  That’s why I hate it.  I’ve been doing it for a very long time now, so you’d think I’d be more used to it, but there is just no getting used to the sound of your baby crying.

Most nights my little monkey will whimper for about 5 minutes and then be sound asleep.  Those nights aren’t so bad.  But, there are those nights when he’ll cry for 10 -15 minutes.  Those are a lot harder to handle.  The sound of your baby crying is a sound no parent enjoys.  You just want to hug them tight and make everything better.  You don’t want them to be uncomfortable or unhappy.  Even though you know they need to “cry it out” sometimes, it doesn’t mean it’s easy.

The absolute worst are nights like I had tonight.  Nights were I put him to bed, he starts to cry and then all of a sudden is screaming bloody murder because he doesn’t want to go to bed.  I can’t handle that.  After about three minutes of that tonight, I went into his room, scooped him up into my arms and held him tight to calm his tears.  I  walked around the room with him rocking him in my arms, rubbing his back, and singing softly to him until he fell asleep.  I needed that tonight.  I’ve missed that.  You get to do that so often when they’re newborns, but not as often as they grow.  So, yes, I gladly went into my little man’s room tonight to help him fall asleep.

Hopefully this will become easier the older he gets.  But, while bed time may get easier, I know there will be tears for other reasons.  The sound of your child crying is just something you don’t get used to…

3 Responses to "Bed time"

My philosophy is to rock them until they are too big. It goes way too fast and eventually they don’t need or want it anymore. I remember feeling like I was rocking Elijah too much but all too fast he just doesn’t need me anymore :(. I really am convinced you won’t spoil them. They are just babies once :)_

I think that’s a good philosphy. Some nights he just really needs it, you know? And, like you said, they are only babies once and small enough for so long…

and, some nights, mommy needs it! 🙂

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