Where are you?

Posted on: February 6, 2012

You may have noticed my lack of blogging recently.  I assure you, it’s not on purpose.  In fact, it’s the exact opposite.  I WANT to blog regularly, but life just keeps throwing things my way to prevent my frequent blogging.  And, this makes me sad because I enjoy writing and sharing my life with you. 

As you know, my husband just returned from a military deployment.  All the excitement of his return and getting settled back in one thing that has drawn me away from writing.  I thought having him home would make things easier and free up my time more.  This is somewhat true but other life circumstances (my second job, his taking classes, etc.) have caused things to still be quite busy. 

Then, we got home to discover our computer decided it would like to bite the dust.  It is currently in the hands of our IT guy and I am praying he is able to retrieve all of our information off of the hard drive…in the meantime, we did buy a new computer, but the wireless mouse and keyboard didn’t work.  So, we then had to wait for the new ones to arrive.  Can’t use a computer without your mouse and keyboard.

So, as you can tell it’s been a bit crazy.  But, here is my vow to you…I vow to try to find more and more time to blog and not abandon, you, my readers.  To purposefully find the time; not just say I will but to really do it.  Here’s the catch though…I can’t promise it will be in the next two weeks.  I am in the midst of last-minute preparations for a One Act play I am involved with and it takes up much of my time.  BUT, once that is completed, I will have much more free time and, therefore, much more time to blog.  PROMISE.  REALLY, I DO. 

I hope you stick it out with me and are patient.  Thank you for being such faithful readers and honoring me by your devotion to my blog!  I love you all!


1 Response to "Where are you?"

Wow, that’s the first time I read this kind of apology in a blog. Come on, of course your private life, your REAL LIFE is more important. What kind of inconsiderate person would not understand this.

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