Our love story, Part I

Posted on: February 10, 2012

Today my friend Christine is hosting a Linky party all about love stories.  So, even though it’s a change from my usual topic of motherhood, I decided to join in the fun and post the love story of my husband and I.  Since it’s a little long, I’ve decided to do this in two parts.  Part I today and Part II tomorrow.  I hope you enjoy reading it! 

After I graduated from college, I worked for a theatre company in Pennsylvania for a year.  I decided not to continue on with them and moved back home to Western NY for a year so I could save some money before moving to Chicago to pursue my acting career.  While living back home I got a job working at a call center.  It was the worst job I’ve ever had in my life.  No exaggeration!  I have never been so miserable and depressed at having to go to work each day.  I hated everything about it.  That was, until I met Tim…

I was on break one December day and talking on the phone while walking through the break room. I don’t remember who I was talking to but I remember I was extremely annoyed with them.  After finishing my call, I went back into the main break room area and as I was walking heard someone say, “Hey” to me.  I turned and saw a very attractive blonde haired guy and I thought, “Oh, who is this”?  I had never seen him around before and didn’t know who he was.  But, I thought he was cute so I responded and said hello.  We introduced ourselves and talked until my break was over. 

In the call center we worked in, each person was assigned to sit in a certain area.  Tim and I had different managers so we had to sit in different areas.  However, the day after we met, Tim began sitting next to me.  Our shifts only overlapped by one hour but for that hour, he would come in each day and sit next to me and we’d talk in between phone calls.  That first week he asked me out on a date for that Friday night.  I told him I couldn’t go out that night because I was getting a hair cut.  Of course, he thought I was making it up and just didn’t want to go out with him.  But, I told him I could go out with him Saturday night.  He was still a bit skeptical about my reasoning for Friday night, but was happy we were going out on Saturday.  So, we went out that weekend and had our first date. 

A few weeks into our dating relationship, Tim admitted some interesting information to me.  Two weeks before we met Tim had seen me around and asked a couple of people if they knew who I was.  One person he asked was my cousin Sam (who also worked at the same call center). When Tim found out Sam and I were related, he asked Sam to put in a good word for him with me.  Sam said yes but being the good over protective Italian cousin that he is, Sam never said anything to me.  Then, the day we met, when I was on the phone and extremely annoyed, Tim apparently walked by and said hello to me just as I was rolling my eyes at the person I was on the phone with.  He, however, thought I was rolling my eyes at him.  Honestly, I hadn’t even seen him or heard him say hello.  What a great start, right? Ha!  So, when Tim saw me in the break room later on, he figured he’d say hi to me, who he thought was being snotty and uppity, and be like, “Roll your eyes and ignore me, oh yeah.  See if I take that. I don’t think so!”.  But, when I said hi to him and was nice, he was very surprised and then didn’t know what to do.  I found all of this very amusing when he finally admitted to me that was what had happened. 

Tim and I continued dating and things were going well.  I was enjoying dating Tim but nervous about our relationship since I had plans to move out-of-state.  I told Tim about my plans to move to Chicago the following August and he said he still wanted to date and we would cross that bridge when we came to it.  So, we moved forward with our relationship even though we didn’t know what would happen when it came time for me to move…

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6 Responses to "Our love story, Part I"

Thanks for linking up! 🙂 Love hearing your story! Can’t wait for tomorrow’s!!!

Thanks Christine! I’m glad you decided to do this. Very fun! 🙂

I love hearing about everyone’s different love stories! 🙂

And what a romantic picture! 🙂

Thanks! I’m excited to read the other love stories!

I love this, Leah!

That’s beautiful, I like how you tell it all in detail, itreally helps imagining it, like romantic movie. I’ve been working for a call center, too, tough it was from home through some special software (, therefore I never met my coworkers. I never minded That, though I now see that maybe, maybe I missed out on some social contacts this way 😦
I love the last photo on this blog post, btw!
Cheers, Mary

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