Our love story, Part II

Posted on: February 11, 2012

A couple of months into our relationship, it was Valentine’s Day.  I wasn’t sure what to expect from Tim and agonized over what to buy him and what to wear for our date.  Our big Valentine’s date finally arrived.  I met Tim at his house where I was surprised to see him all dressed up in his Air Force Dress blue’s.  This was the first time I had seen him in uniform and he looked quite handsome.  See:

Tim took me to dinner at Red Lobster (one of my favorite restaurants) and then we went back to his house, where he had another surprise for me.  I had to wait upstairs while he put the finishing touches on his surprise.  When everything was ready he took me into his (finished) basement where he had set up a gorgeous seating area for us in front of the fireplace.  Candles lined the entire basement, there were rose petals covering the floor, and a box of chocolates and a Teddy Bear (sprayed with his cologne) waiting for me.  It was amazing!  We sat and talked for quite a few hours and enjoyed a wonderful evening together.

After that things continued to progress, by July we were talking marriage and going ring shopping.  My moving date was quickly approaching and even though we had discussed marriage, I was nervous how a long distance relationship would work.  Seems like every time someone talks about a long distance relationship, they always tell you how they don’t work.  But Tim and I were determined to make it work.

Finally, moving week was here.  I remember feeling a gauntlet of emotions, but mostly feeling stressed out.  My family(parents, sister, grandparents, cousin, aunt and uncle) wanted to go to a (minor league) baseball game that week but I had so much to do I didn’t want to go.  But, my sister insisted I should go since this would be our last family outing before I moved. She gave me quite a good Italian guilt trip.  It worked.  I decided the break from the stress of packing and such would be good, so I went.  Little did I know the actual reason she pushed me to go was because Tim was going to propose to me at the game.  If you want to hear how to (accidentally)royally screw up your boyfriend’s marriage proposal, read on…

We went to the baseball game on a Monday night.  Tim always went golfing on Monday nights so he didn’t come with us.  My family and I were enjoying the game until mid way through when one of the promotions workers came to our section and asked me if I wanted to participate in one of the on field promotions.  In case you’ve never been to a minor league baseball game, at most parks, they have games in between innings that audience members participate in and try to win a prize.  For the game they wanted me to participate in, I would have gone on the field, been blindfolded and then would have had to find the team mascot by listening to the audience yell which direction for me to go.  Had I agreed to do the promotion, what was supposed to happen was that while I was blindfolded, Tim would take the place of the mascot.  Then, when I found the mascot, they would take the blindfold off, I would see Tim there instead, and he would propose.  Well, that’s not exactly what happened…

I didn’t feel like doing the promotion so I said no. No big deal, right?  They could easily find someone else to do it.  Well, the promotions guy wouldn’t take no for an answer and kept asking me and trying to coax me to do it. I still told him no and he finally left.  After he left my family started pestering me to do the promotion.  Now, I am, admittedly, a very stubborn person.  So, if I don’t want to do something, I don’t want to do it.  Everyone trying to push me to do it made me even more stubborn and not want to do it that much more.

After a little bit, the head promotions guy came back with the first promotions guy.  Both of them tried to convince me again.  They were telling me things like they’d give me a Pier 1 gift card (which I know that stadium doesn’t do), the head guy tried to tell me the other guy was an intern who wasn’t doing well and really needed this to help him, and on and on.  None of it made me want to do the promotion.  I just didn’t want to do it and was getting more and more mad that they and my family kept insisting I do it and wouldn’t leave me alone.

About an inning later the head promotions guy was back AGAIN and this time he had a microphone in his hand.  All I could think was, “What the heck is going on? Is this guy going to publicly humiliate me now since I wouldn’t go down on the field”.  When the inning ended he held the microphone up and said, “Well Leah, since you didn’t want to come down to the field to do the promotion, we’re going to bring the promotion to you.  There’s someone down on the field who would like to speak with you”.  His last sentence hung in my ears and it hit me at that moment.  I KNEW.  I immediately burst into tears as Tim walked out of the dugout in his dress blues.  He made a beautiful speech and asked me to marry him.  The promotions guy held the microphone to me so I could respond and I barely scraped out a “yes” because I was sobbing so hard.  To this day Tim still teases me and says, “I’m still waiting for a yes”.

Tim and I were married the following August.  We’ve been married six and a half years now and have a beautiful 15 month old baby.  We’ve been through two military deployments, career changes/adjustments, and some ups and downs, but through it all our relationship has remained strong.  We rely on God each day to strengthen our relationship and He’s always been faithful.  Here’s to many more years together!

P.S.  I should mention, my cousin, who was at the baseball game, worked at a news station at the time and had two different news channels tape the proposal and air it on the news.  It’s a good thing they only got the part where Tim proposed and not the rest of it…Oh, and I felt so guilty for giving the promotions guys a hard time that I found them after the proposal and apologized to them.

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7 Responses to "Our love story, Part II"

Love this! What a fun story – and I’m sure you always wonder “what if” you had said “yes” to that promotions guy! 🙂

Thanks Samantha! Yes, I do sometimes wonder that. Would have been a lot easier on my husband! haha Poor guy was sweating in the dug out and didn’t know what to do! 🙂

Leah I am totally tearing up! What a beautiful proposal! Thank you for sharing and linking up!

Thanks Christine!

[…] post that nearly moved me to tears (and therefore deemed my favorite for this feature) was Our Love Story, Part II written by Leah from […]

Wow, that’s one really beautiful proposal you had there. You are lucky to have found such a romantic husband, many women must envy you.
Cheers, Mary

Thank you Mary! My husband is great!

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