Posted on: February 17, 2012

When I was growing up I had household chores that my mother asked me to do.  Things like washing the dishes, doing laundry, cleaning my bedroom, and vacuuming.  This is something most parents probably do and Tim and I will be no different.  We want “G”, and any other children we may have in the future, to learn what it means to be responsible and what it means to be a servant and help others.  Besides, it’s free labor, right?  Less work Tim and I have to do!  Wahoo!

RELAX, I’m kidding about that last part.   Well, sort of…

Anyway, we thought we’d get “G” started as soon as possible.  Can’t hurt, right?  Responsibility is an important lesson to learn so why not start teaching your children at an early age exactly what it means.  So, we’ve given “G” some chores around the house.

Every couple of days he takes the garbage out:


He is also responsible for helping load the dishes in the dishwasher:


And, lastly, G is responsible for sweeping.  And, I must say, he does a very good job despite the fact that the broom is twice his size:

So, you see, it never hurts to get your children started early on helping with chores.



3 Responses to "Responsibility"

Great job teaching him! You need to buy him one of those kid sized brooms…too cute 🙂

Thanks Dawn! It’s so funny because he just started doing all that on his own. He sees us do it and picks up on it. 🙂

It’s the best time now to teach a child to help, because they still take it as some kind of game.

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