Why I won’t go see The Hunger Games

Posted on: March 23, 2012

Today is the premier of the movie The Hunger Games.  I’ve seen previews for this movie but I’ve never read the book.  A friend of mine just finished reading the book and told me the jist of the story.  From what I understand, the government has absolute power over the nation.  Once a month they hold the Hunger Games where children aged 12-18 from each of the 12 districts are selected by lottery and fight in a televised battle to the death and only one child survives. 

I’ve been contemplating whether or not I want to see this movie and have decided against it.  The idea of watching innocent children fight each other to the death, does not appeal to me.  It’s not graphic scenes that I’m worried about because the previews don’t make the movie look like it’s a bloody/gory movie.  It’s the idea of children dying and being forced to kill each other that bothers me. 

In thinking about this more, I’ve begun to wonder if being a mother is what makes me feel this way.  If The Hunger Games had come out before I had “G”, would I have felt the same way?

I have always been sensitive to these situations in the past, but I’ve definitely noticed that over the past year and a half, I’ve become even more sensitive to these types of things.  It’s become harder for me to see things like news reports about hurt/murdered children, stories of child abuse, and even tv shows and movies that have plot lines where children are affected in a negative way.  I firmly believe this is because I am a mother now. 

It’s hard to see these things take place and not think about my little man and how devastated I would feel if that were him.  Watching the news and seeing a mother grieve over the loss of her child makes my heart ache.  When I watch a movie or tv show and something happens to a child, it makes me sad.  Children are innocent beings and things like being killed in a senseless drive by shooting, shouldn’t happen to them.  Unfortunately though, it does happen.  Every day. 

Being a mom influences the way you look at the world.  Your perspective on things changes in a drastic way.  You have a heightened sense of awareness, not just for your own child, but for children in general.  Without meaning to you begin to see your child’s face in every news report, missing child notice, movie, tv show, child abuse case…it can make for a pretty scary world. 

I find that the best way to avoid seeing my child’s face in every tragedy around me and becoming a weeping puddle of tears, is to steer clear of the situations in the first place.  So that is why I won’t be going to see the movie The Hunger Games.

4 Responses to "Why I won’t go see The Hunger Games"

Motherhood changes everything.You think it won’t. But it does, in the most wonderful of ways.
And I agree with you on this one. Not like I’ve seen any movies in the last 6 months. But I’ll really have to think about this one

It certainly does! It changed a lot more things than I was expecting. But, yes in wonderful ways.

Having children changes your perception on so many things. I did go see The Hunger Games… and I read all of the books. I guess it was because I love war literature. Basically, that is what it is about; these children at war with one another. But there is so much more to the story. I hate to see anything bad happen to any child. I almost can’t watch the news. I couldn’t bare the thought of one of my son’s joining the military because I just couldn’t handle if one of them had to go to war.
I think I looked at The Hunger Games in a different way than just children killing one another. I was very focused on the main character and yes the “jist” of the story is horrifying. As a parent the whole world is really horrifying. If I sat and thought of all the bad in the world I would never let my children leave my side! I live in Texas and we have had a couple of really horrible things that have currently happened to children and it makes me cry. I literally cried when I heard these new stories because I don’t want to imagine if that was my child.
Yes, Motherhood changes us… and we just have to “mother” through it.
I completely understand your point though!

You make a very good point as well. It’s good to hear a different perspective on things. Thanks for your comment!

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