Not what I had expected

Posted on: April 9, 2012

This past weekend was Easter weekend and I had envisioned a beautiful weekend for my family.  Good Friday service on Friday night, attending the Easter Egg hunt at our church on Saturday where G could hunt for eggs, go to the petting zoo, and get a picture with the Easter Bunny, and then all of us attending Easter service Sunday morning with G wearing his adorable suit and new dress shoes.

That’s what I had planned for.  That’s not what happened.

Friday night was the only night that went as planned.  I attended Good Friday service while Tim and G stayed home so that G could get to bed on time.  Saturday morning rolls around and G isn’t feeling well.  He had been suffering from a cold all week but was worse Saturday  morning.  Tim went to church to help with the Easter Egg hunt and I stayed home with G since he was sick.  While Tim was gone, G developed a fever, threw up multiple times, and was just plain miserable.  Tim came home and I put G down for a nap.  I noticed while I was rocking him that his breathing didn’t seem right.  I figured it was from his stuffy nose, but it still made me nervous.  I put him in his crib to sleep but after only a couple of minutes, G woke up screaming and then proceeded to throw up.  All over me.  I yelled for Tim and we decided to take G to the emergency room since we didn’t know what was going on.  G was absolutely miserable and we had never seen him like that before.

We arrived at the hospital about 15 minutes later and were able to see a nurse very quickly.  After taking G’s temperature and checking his heart rate, the nurse ushered us back to a room where we waited for the doctor.  Poor G was miserable and screaming the whole time.  Tim and I did all we could to try to calm him down.  The Physician’s Assistant came in and examined G.  She didn’t tell us what she thought was wrong but just said she’d send the doctor in.  Finally, he came in and also examined G.  He told us G had an ear infection but he was going to do a chest x-ray also to rule out pneumonia.  Thankfully, the chest x-ray came back clear and it was just an ear infection.  Boy, was it a massive one though!  We got a prescription from the doctor, cradled our little man, and drove home.  The rest of Saturday was spent taking care of G.  He still had a fever so we nursed that and gave him his prescription medication as well, and comforted him as much as we could until bed time.

Sunday morning, G still had a fever but it was less than the day before.  Tim stayed home with G while I attended church on Easter Sunday alone.  Not how we had planned it, but it couldn’t be helped.  G’s fever came down during the day and was gone by early evening.  He was acting more himself and it was easy to see the prescription was working and he was feeling a lot better.

This Easter may not have gone how we planned, but it did still allow me to reflect on the meaning of Easter.  Before we found out what was going on, I looked at G’s little body laying on the large hospital bed, wondering what would happen.  I was scared.  I didn’t know what to expect and I felt so helpless.  All I could do was pray.  As I rocked him to sleep later that night I thought about Easter and how God sacrificed Jesus for us.  After the day’s events, I realized just how big of a sacrifice that was.  I don’t know what I would do if anything ever happened to G.  It would probably destroy me to lose him.  Yet, God willingly sacrificed Jesus for us; so we could be free.  That is AMAZING.

I love G with all of my heart but what God did for us is really true love.

2 Responses to "Not what I had expected"

It’s so hard when your little one gets sick. My 2 year old developed a fever Monday night of 102.4. I called the dr and got him in for first appointment the next morning. During the night his fever was 102.7 with medicine. I knew he had strep throat again because he has basically had it since mid February. And sure enough that’s what it was and the dr can’t take his tonsils out because he is too young. It’s heartbreaking to have a sick baby. Hope G feels better soon!

Sounds like you’ve had a couple rough days too. It is so hard when they get sick. I don’t like it. I hope your son feels better soon also!

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