Meeting the needs of others

Posted on: March 19, 2014

In church on Sunday, our pastor was talking about what we must do in order to love like Jesus did.  The fourth point of his message was, “I must meet other people’s needs, even when my needs are not met.”  When I heard him say that, the first thing I thought was, “that might as well be a definition for motherhood.”  Think about it, isn’t that what we, as mothers, do?  We take care of our families and put them first before ourselves.  A lot of times that means sacrificing things for us and not having our own needs met.

A couple of weeks ago the flu hit our house.  My husband got sick first and then it trickled on down to both the boys and then to myself.  While my husband and the boys were sick I spent my days nursing them.  Giving them medication, taking temperatures, making multiple trips to the doctor and the pharmacy, and making sure they were as comfortable as possible.  Then, I got sick.  But, as any mother will tell you, mommies don’t get a day off.  Even though I was feeling sick and run down, I still made my husband and my boys the priority.  I made sure they were well taken care of and restored to full health before I took care of myself.  My needs weren’t met but theirs were.

That’s how motherhood goes a lot of the time.  We spend our time making sure everyone else is taken care of but don’t often take care of ourselves.  Yet, even though our needs are not always being met, it’s how we’d have it.  At least, it’s how I’d have it.  Was it difficult being sick and not being able to rest and take care of myself?  Yep, sure was.  But, it also meant that my family was taken care of.  I was able to help them mend and get well even if it meant it took longer for me to feel better.  It’s one way I can show them how much I love them; by sacrificing my needs and putting theirs first.  And, as exhausting as it can be at times, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I love them and they’re worth it.

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