Magic wand

Posted on: March 27, 2014

Sometimes I wish I had a magic wand. I wish I could wave my wand, say the magic words and make things exactly how I want them to be. Wouldn’t it be great if life worked that way?


Yesterday was a day of ups and downs. My husband is recovering from a medical procedure this week so I am taking care of him, the boys and running the household all on my own. For the most part, the day went well but it wasn’t without it’s stressful moments. My three year old found all of mommys buttons and pushed them. I think I gave him more time outs yesterday then I did all of last week. I would ask him not to do something and within a minute, he was doing it. He yelled at me, threw temper tantrums, called me names, made a huge mess in my kitchen and refused to help clean it up, hit our cat, hit his 6 month old brother, and was purposefully loud at bed time and woke his brother up. Just one of those days…

Just one of those days I was wishing I could wave my magic wand and make it all go away. Wishing I could say the magic words and “G” would turn into this perfect little three year old who would do everything mommy asked and who wouldn’t yell “never!” at the top of his lungs when I ask him to sit down and eat his dinner. I wished my day would go exactly how I wanted it to. But we all know that is not possible.

There will always be days filled with temper tantrums. There will always be days “G” refuses to do what I ask him. There will always be days filled with stress and frustration. It’s just how parenthood works. There is no magic wand to make things easier. All we can do is pray for patience and take things one day at a time; one moment at a time. Remember, we were all three years old once too….

1 Response to "Magic wand"

Oh, i feel your pain. The 3 year old stage is tough. It’s one minute at a time 🙂

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