Super easy summer dessert

Posted on: June 2, 2014

It’s no secret that I LOVE summer.  It’s my absolute favorite time of year!  I just can’t get enough of the warm weather, swimming, barbequing, summer parties, spending LOTS of time outside in the sun….I just adore it!

One other thing I really enjoy about summer are the refreshing, super yummy desserts.  I have two that are my favorite.  The first is an Oreo ice cream dessert and the second is a strawberry Cool Whip dessert.  Today I’ll be sharing the strawberry Cool Whip dessert with you.  I’ll do a post on the Oreo dessert another day.

The original recipe for this dessert came from Wegmans grocery store.  I use their recipe but I’ve also changed it up a bit at times. Today, we’ll go with the original recipe.

Here’s what you’ll need:

photo_1One container of Cool Whip**

one package of strawberry Jell-O

one package of frozen strawberries

**(In the picture is the large double size Cool Whip because I was making a double recipe. But, for a single recipe, just buy the original smaller size Cool Whip)

First, defrost the strawberries.  Follow the directions on the package for defrosting instructions.

Next, put Cool Whip into a bowl and add Strawberry Jell-O.


strwabMix together until well blended.


bowlNext, mix in Strawberries.

strawbLastly, place in serving cups and enjoy!

finishedSee?  SUPER easy and SUPER delicious!

photo_3 (1)For variations, you can try different types of Jell-O and fruit.  I’ve made a version with Blueberry Jell-O and Blueberries that was just as yummy as the Strawberry.



4 Responses to "Super easy summer dessert"

Looks so yummy!

[…] month I posted one of my favorite summer time desserts.  Today, I’m going to share another of my favorite desserts with you. […]

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