Settling in…

Posted on: August 14, 2014

A couple of months ago I posted about my family’s big move.  Well, we’re finally in South Carolina and getting settled into our new home!  And, let me tell you, it was quite a journey…

Right from the start, we had a bit of a rocky road.  When I arrived home after work and saw how full the moving truck was and all that was still left inside, I knew we were in trouble.  The moving truck was too small for all our stuff.  We ended up having to pack up both our vehicles full of stuff as well and we still had to leave some items behind.  We didn’t enjoy having to haul some of our personal belongings to the garbage room of our condo building, but we didn’t have a choice.  So, we picked the items we knew would be the easiest to replace and said goodbye to them.

The drive from Chicago to where we are in South Carolina was supposed to be 13 hours.  We decided to drive overnight so the boys would sleep the majority of the way.  My brother-in-law and husband drove the moving truck, my mother and I drove the pickup truck and we towed our car behind the moving truck.  13 hours…I was really hopeful for that number.  But, that’s not how long it took.  Instead it took 17 painstaking hours…17!  Now, I know that’s not as long of a drive as it could have been, but when you’re driving through the night, then have 2 hungry little boys who wake up in the wee hours of the morning, and have to drive through the extremely winding and curvy roads of the Smoky Mountains, it’s a long drive, my friends.  The reason it took us so long was because we wanted to keep our vehicles together and the moving truck couldn’t go more than 55 mph.  So, here we were driving 55 mph in 70 mph zones.

As we got closer I realized we might not make it to the rental company office until closing time.  So, we decided to split up because if  we couldn’t get there, we couldn’t get our keys and get into the house.  So, I called the rental company, explained our situation, and panicked when the person on duty told me she’d have to get a hold of the manager, who was out-of-town, to ask if something could be worked out.  When she called back she said she couldn’t get a hold of the manager – just my luck – and would have to try to figure something else out.  As I hung up the phone, all I could do was pray.  My mom and I were both praying as we were driving that they would have mercy on us and stay late so we could get the keys to the house.  When the rental agent called back, she told me she had extended her babysitter and would stay late at the office to wait for us.  I was so grateful to her!  So, on we went.  My mom and I went to the rental office so I could sign paperwork and get the keys and meet my husband and brother-in-law at the house.

After our long tiring journey with all our ups and downs, we finally made it to our new home….



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