A treat for mommy

Posted on: November 16, 2014

I’m the type of person who doesn’t treat myself to much.  I will buy things for my family and friends but I don’t often buy things for myself.  I rarely buy new clothes, shoes, etc. unless I really need to.  Sometimes, I don’t even use gift cards given to me on myself.  I’ll spend it on my kids or something practical we need for the house.  But, there is one time a year I do like to treat myself to something special.

Yesterday I went to the Carolina Renaissance Festival.  I have LOVED going to Renaissance Festivals for as long as I can remember.  I love the fun and playful atmosphere, interacting with the actors as they walk around the grounds, seeing the jousting and variety of different shows they offer, and hearing the roaming minstrels play beautiful music.  The food and desserts are like a circus in your mouth; so mouth-watering and delicious!  There are Renaissance themed rides and games for children and adults of all ages, glass blowing demonstrations, visitors walking around in fantastic costumes thousands of unique gifts and items to purchase. You are transported back in time and get to live in the Renaissance for a day.

Since we just moved to South Carolina, this was my first time attending the Carolina Renaissance Festival (I have previously attended the Sterling Renaissance Festival and the Bristol Renaissance Faire).  It was just as good as the other festivals I’ve been to.  What I love about the different festivals is that each one boasts different local vendors.  Some vendors do travel from one faire to another, but there are also many local vendors that give each festival its own individual flair.  One vendor in particular at the Carolina Ren Faire caught my attention and I allowed myself to make a purchase and treat myself to something lovely.

The vendor I fell in love with was Fairy Secrets.  They sell moisturizing lotion candles.  Yep, lotion candles!  It’s amazing!  It’s a lotion in the form of a candle.  You light the candle, let the lotion heat up and liquify, then blow out the candle, dip your finger in the warm melted lotion and apply to your skin.  The lotion feels soothing going on because it’s warm and creamy.  The scents are heavenly and it stays on even after you wash your hands.  Fairy Secrets use all natural ingredients such as USA soya, shea butter from Africa, aloe vera, virgin olive oil, avocado oil, jojoba, coconut oil and essential oils.

This was a wonderful find and something I was more than happy to treat myself to.  After all, every mom deserves to treat herself to something special every now and then.


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