My Wish

Posted on: June 4, 2015

Wish There are so many things in life I could wish for. I could wish for material things like fancy diamond jewelry or a new car. I could wish for fantastical things like Doctor Who being a real person. Or, I could wish for very practical things like a new spaghetti server to replace the one my son broke. But, today, I wish for one thing only…the chance to go grocery shopping all by myself. If you’re a mother of young children and have had to take them grocery shopping with you, I’m sure you completely understand this wish. Going grocery shopping alone is like a mini vacation. You’re by yourself so you can relax and take your time. No need to rush to make sure you’re home before your child’s nap time. You don’t get stared at by strangers because your son is throwing a fit because you won’t let him have potato chips. It’s peaceful. Serene. It’s a blessing.

My trip to the grocery store today started out like any other. The boys were strapped into their special race car shopping cart and “driving” us through the aisles as I picked up what I needed. They were playing and laughing. Other patrons would smile as we went by and they heard my sons happily talking to each other. We were off to a great start. Then, it happened.

“Mom, can I have the triangle chips?”

“No, Giovanni, we’re not getting the Doritos.”

“But, I really want those.”

“No, Giovanni. Not today.”

“I want the triangle chips!”

And so it goes. And this doesn’t just happen with the chips, but with other items. Then comes the point in the trip where Giovanni gets bored so he starts picking on his brother. After many requests for him to stop, I finally tell him we’re not getting ice cream if he can’t behave. Then come the water works and tantrum. I can feel many eyes staring at me as I push my cart down the aisles with a screaming child. As if that wasn’t enough, he then begins screaming to get out of the cart. At this point, I know that if I let him out, he’ll try to grab things off the shelves and won’t stay with me, so I know that can’t happen.

I make my way to the checkout line with a screaming child in my cart and, through the screams and tears he says, “I need to go to the bathroom and I can’t wait.” So, off we go to the bathroom and then back to the checkout line.

Next is the checkout line challenge. Raylan begins pulling all the candy off the shelves as I try to unload my items onto the conveyor belt. I have to hold his hand so he’ll stop grabbing the candy, which, of course, makes him scream and throw a fit. I look up and glance behind me to see the next woman in line giving me a sympathetic expression. I finally am able to push my cart forward, get checked out and go home.

Typical shopping trip with the boys.

I love my boys to pieces but there are just those days I wish I could go shopping by myself.

3 Responses to "My Wish"

I always say that I have to pay a “kid tax” when I take them to the store. Any store. And it usually comes in the form of gelato or lindt chocolate truffles. I know . . . I know . . .

Anything to help! No judgement here! You gotta do what you gotta do. 🙂

[…] 2) Yell at your child in the grocery store because they were throwing a fit. Been there, done that. MANY TIMES. Am I proud of it? No. But let’s face it, grocery trips with children are difficult and it’s so very easy to lose your patience with your child in the process. Before children, I thought it was mean when I saw a parent yelling at their child in the store, now I totally get it. Case in point, this post. […]

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