Show Review – Wild Kratts Live!

Posted on: August 6, 2015


My four-year old is in love with Wild Kratts. Not a day goes by that we don’t watch it. He absolutely loves all the crazy antics Chris and Martin get into and how they always manage to save the animals with their Creature Powers. Giovanni also loves how Jimmy Z always eats pizza and that Aviva gets mad at Martin and Chris for breaking her inventions time and time again. I love that he can have so much fun and learn all kinds of interesting facts about animals that he never knew before.

Well, last week we went to visit family and it turned out that Wild Kratts Live was in town. My husband and I knew we had to take Giovanni because he would love seeing Martin and Chris in person. So, off we went.

It was such a fantastic show! We all really enjoyed it.

us 2Stage

The show started off with Chris and Martin talking about different animals and demonstrating their Creature Powers. Martin and Chris donned their famous Creature Power suits, put their Creature Power Disks in, and then turned into a specific animal. They would then talk about the animal for a bit and what that specific animals special “powers” are.



Throughout the show, the Wild Kratts implemented the use of a large screen behind them where they showed video of the other Wild Kratts characters, who were not present on stage. I really enjoyed that they did this because it tied the whole show together very well.


Towards the end of the first half of the show, Martin and Chris chatted with Aviva and Koki and saw that Zack attacked the Tortuga with his Zack bots and stole the Miniaturizer. The second half of the show then consisted of Chris and Martin using their Creature Powers to try to find the Zack bot that had the Miniaturizer hidden inside it and get it back.







It was a very fun and extremely creative show and I am so glad we went! I know my little man thoroughly enjoyed it and I would take him again in a heart beat.


If you’ve never seen Wild Kratts and your children love animals, I encourage you to check it out. You won’t regret it!

We’ll see ya on the Creature Trail!


3 Responses to "Show Review – Wild Kratts Live!"

I have never heard of the wild Kratts! Looks cute, we will have to check them out 🙂 Thanks for linking up 😉

It’s such a great show! Kids can learn a lot about animals and have fun watching at the same time. My boys love it and my oldest remembers all the animal facts too! It’s great!

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