Unselfishness in its purest form

Posted on: September 15, 2015

I want you to think about the most selfless, unselfish person you know. What is it that makes them so self-sacrificing and willing to do for others?

When I think about the most unselfish person I know, I think of my mother. My mother has ALWAYS put others before herself. She has given so much to my sister and I and has asked nothing in return. She helps friends and neighbors in need and is always there for someone when they need her. The most amazing thing is that she does it all without even thinking about it. It’s second nature to her. It’s like it’s a part of her DNA. When I think of my mother and how giving, loving, and selfless she is, it makes me want to be the same way. I strive to be like her.

If you think about it, that’s what being a mother is. It is unselfishness in its purest form.

As moms, we put our family before ourselves on a daily basis. We are the last person to sit down at the dinner table because we are making sure everyone’s plate has food, their cups are filled, and everything is on the table. Moms will sacrifice buying that new pretty pair of shoes they may want in order to buy clothes and shoes for their children. After a long day at home with the kids and feeling exhausted, we wait until our husband has settled in after he arrives home before asking for help. We save that last cookie or scoop of ice cream for our spouse or child to enjoy. Mothers take care of the family when they’re sick, even if we are also sick. We sacrifice doing work and getting things done around the house so we can spend more time with our children.

From the little things to the big things, a mother’s job is a selfless one.

And, just like my mother, it’s in our nature; it’s who we are.

It’s exactly how we should be. Putting our families needs ahead of our own.

I believe a mom does need to take time away for herself also. We’d go crazy if we didn’t do that. But, it’s so important to help fulfill the needs of our family. After all, the man may be the head of the household, but the woman is the one who usually holds it all together.





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Thanks, I love you my sweet daughter!

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