Teaching our children to serve others

Posted on: October 10, 2015


This past week was a tough one for those of us living in South Carolina. As a result of hurricane Joaquin, we experienced three solid days of rainfall across the state equaling 20+ inches of rain in many areas. This caused massive flooding in many areas of the state. South Carolina was declared to be in a state of emergency and the National Guard, FEMA, and the Red Cross were called in to help. Our city was one of the hardest hit in the entire state.

People had to evacuate their homes, homes and businesses were damaged beyond repair, roads and bridges washed out, damns broke, water is undrinkable and thousands of people are without water and electricity. It has been devastating.


We were very blessed in that there was no flooding in our area. Our biggest inconveniences have been having to boil our water in order to drink and cook with it and going a bit stir crazy from the kids being home from school all week and trapped inside. We thank God ever day for how He protected us from our home being flooded with water.

But there were SO MANY people who were affected by this tragedy. THOUSANDS. Some even lost their lives.

What has been so amazing to me during this difficult time for our state, is how people have really come together to help and support each other. Civilians were out with first responders going door to door evacuating people from their homes and rescuing them from attics and rooftops; people have been donating clothes, food, water, baby items, and more to those in need; perfect strangers have gone to others houses to help with clean up and start the recovery process; friends and family have been checking in on each other to see who was in need…

It has been so wonderful to witness!


My husband and I try to teach our children how important it is to serve and help others. There have been countless times when friends and family have helped us so we know how important it is to give back to others and provide help when needed. Because we were so fortunate to escape any flood damage to our home, we knew this was a good opportunity to help those who were affected and teach our children about serving others at the same time.

My husband took our boys to a friend’s house to help clean up flood damage to their home. Even though our boys are young (2 and almost 5), my husband carefully explained to them why they were going to her house and what had happened. He was able to show them the damage that had been done and they could see my husband and the others there working together to clean and begin repairs to the house. Giovanni, our oldest, asked many questions and his daddy did his best to answer them and explain why it’s important to serve others. My husband told me later he really felt Giovanni understood why they were helping our friend.


God has called us to serve others. After all, that’s what Jesus did for us when He was living on Earth. He took care of and served those around Him and we should do the same for others in need.

When natural disasters or other tragic events occur, we need to stand together and help each other. That’s how we move on with our lives; that’s how we can rebuild and start living again; that’s how it’s meant to be. We are meant to love each other, support each other, and serve one another.

While this was an extremely large disaster, we don’t have to wait for a flood, or a fire or a school shooting to help others. There are people all around us who need our help all the time. Maybe a friend just needs you to watch her kids for a couple of hours so she can go grocery shopping. Perhaps your neighbor is short on money for the week and needs a gallon of milk. Even doing something like volunteering at a children’s hospital and bringing smiles to sick children’s faces, is a great way to serve. There are so many opportunities around us. We just have to open our eyes to them and step out in faith and help. Let’s be an example to our children and teach them to joyfully serve and help those in need.

Stay strong South Carolina!

4 Responses to "Teaching our children to serve others"

This is fantastic, and an inspiring message indeed to give to ones children.

I remember when hurricane Ivan hit Florida and how amazing I was to see the community helping each other out. I have never seen teamwork like that even though the circumstances were awful! Great Post!

Thanks April! I appreciate the comments.

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