A Halloween Star Wars Birthday Party

Posted on: November 3, 2015

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My oldest son turns five today! So crazy! He is growing up so fast and it’s just so hard to believe.

This past Saturday (on Halloween) we threw him a Star Wars birthday party/Halloween costume party. It was so much fun! My son and his friends had a blast. Everything in Giovanni’s world right now is Star Wars, so that was the perfect theme for his party. Pinterest became my best friend as I planned the party. I found so many creative ideas and a ton of free printables. Made party planning a snap and also ended up saving me a lot of money since I was able to print decorations, food labels, and cupcake toppers for free.

Since we were having Giovanni’s party on Halloween, we decided to make the party a costume party as well. All his friends and even some of the parents, dressed in costume. Made it that much more fun.


The Food:

I wanted the party food to be fun and creative. This is where I relied on Pinterest a lot.


I found the printables for the food labels HERE (in order to get these, you need to subscribe to her blog. The printables are in her archive and only members can access the archives. But it’s FREE!) and the printable for the cupcake toppers HERE. 


Yoda Soda – 7up mixed with Hawaiian punch (Green Berry Rush) and Lime Sherbet on top

Yoda Ears – Snap peas

Light Sabers – Celery and carrot sticks wrapped in tin foil on the bottom

Bow-Ba Fett Pasta salad

Ewoks – Teddy Grahams

Carbonite – Jello with Han Solo inside it

Star Wars shaped Jell-O jigglers – From a mold I found at the grocery store

Obi Wan Kabob-ies – Fruit kabobs

TIE Fighters – Chocolate Graham crackers with a marshmallow in the middle and held together with frosting

Cupcakes – Chocolate for the Dark Side and Vanilla for the Light Side of the force








Since I was doing more of a classic Star Wars/Lego Star Wars theme, I had a hard time finding Star Wars plates and cups, etc. that fit my needs. Most things out now are for Star Wars Rebels and for The Force Awakens. So, instead, I used black plates and regular solo cups for drinks. I used blue and green napkins and wrapped the silverware in them, then used THIS PRINTABLE to wrap the napkins in to make them look like light sabers. You can use red napkins for light sabers also (the dark side), but I chose just to do blue and green for mine.



We had three different games we did for Jedi training.

The first game was where the kids had to cross the lava safely (SW Episode III on Mustafar)


The second part of Jedi training was light saber practice.

For the light sabers, I bought foam glow sticks from and used duct tape and electrical tape on the bottom to form the handle of the light saber. You can’t tell in the pictures, because we were outside, but the light sabers lit up green and looked great!


For the final Jedi training activity, the children were blindfolded and had to use the force to locate a ball hanging off of a stick, with their light saber.


After Jedi training was over, each young Jedi earned a Jedi Knight certificate. Free printable HERE.



Again, I couldn’t find the appropriate themed bags for my Star Wars theme, so I made my own favor bags instead.

In the favor bags I put a Star Wars coloring sheet, Star Wars stickers, Edible Ewoks (Teddy Grahams), and a Lego figure. I got the Lego figures cheap on Ebay.


The party was a huge success! My little man and his friends had a great time.

May the Force be with you!

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