What to do with all that artwork

Posted on: November 10, 2015


Growing up my mom saved a lot of my and my sisters artwork from school. To this day she still has some of it. Before now I never understood why she kept it. I kept telling her to throw it away but she never would. Now that I’m a parent I realize why. Everything my boys make is so precious to me. They are growing up so fast that I want to hold onto whatever I can to remember these days. The problem is that I can’t hold on to all of their artwork and projects. Not enough space for that. So, how can we hold onto all of these precious memories but not clutter up our house at the same time?

When Giovanni attended summer camp at 3 years old and then preschool that fall, I started taking pictures of his artwork and saving the pictures on my computer. Then, a friend of mine posted a picture of her son on Facebook standing in front of a fridge full of artwork and I realized that was the better way to go (You’re brilliant, Sandee!). So now that’s what I do. I hold onto all of Giovanni’s artwork that comes home each month then at the end of the month I put it on the fridge and have him stand in front of it for a picture. Way cuter and much better than just the artwork alone!


After I take the picture, I put his artwork up in the hallway for a few weeks and then take it down when it’s time for the next months art work. Then, I recycle it.

There are, of course, those few pieces that always have to be kept. I love holding onto artwork he makes with hand prints or foot prints. And things like Mother’s Day projects too.

Doing things this way allows Giovanni to show off his work and for all of us to get to enjoy it for a while, not clutter up the house, and cherish the memories all at the same time.

How do you save your children’s artwork? Share your ideas in the comments. I’d love to hear them!

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4 Responses to "What to do with all that artwork"

There are some that I frame and hang on the walls. I have also taken pictures of some of them to place in a photo book so that I do not feel so guilty about throwing it away. I have three kids and you can imagine the amount of art that we have cluttering up the house, so I have to sadly get rid of some of it.

Those are great ideas too! I especially like putting the pictures in a photo book. So fun!

I do the photos too, sometimes…a whole lot of their work is so bad I don’t even do that. 😉 They each have a rubbermaid medium tote with all my favorites.

The rubbermaid tote is a great idea. Right now I have a file in my filing cabinet for each of them,but I’m sure as they grow and do more art I’ll need rubbermaid totes too!

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