Preparing for Christmas

Posted on: November 29, 2015


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It’s hard to believe tomorrow is the last day of November! This month has flown by quickly and now the Christmas season is upon us. There are many ways people prepare themselves for Christmas and so many different traditions each family has. Today I wanted to share with you two ways my family and I will be preparing our hearts for Christmas this year.

1.) Advent Calendar

When I was growing up my parents always got us an Advent calendar. My sister and I loved opening the little doors each day to discover a piece of candy inside and a beautiful picture celebrating the Christmas season. I wanted to share this same tradition with my children, but due to my oldest sons tree nut allergy, I can’t buy a traditional advent calendar with candy in it. So, I opted to make my own this year. I downloaded THIS calendar from Focus on the Family and then printed it out, as well as the stories that go along with it for each day. I then put it together and put it up on the wall. I taped nut free candy to the numbers on the edges of the calendar and then taped the little stories on top of the candy. Starting December 1, each day the boys will pull a story off, we will read it together as a family and then they will get to enjoy their candy.

2.) Christmas Devotional

In October I wrote THIS POST about my friend Christine Trevino’s new book, Experience Christmas. It’s a wonderful devotional designed to prepare your heart for Christmas and to celebrate the birth of Christ. I am so excited to read through this devotional each day as Christmas approaches! I encourage you to pick up a copy of it on  and see for yourself what a difference this devotional will make in your life as you prepare to embrace all Christmas has to offer. Make this a Christmas like no other!

What are your family Christmas traditions? How do you prepare for the season? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Feel free to share them in the comments.




6 Responses to "Preparing for Christmas"

We always go to the zoo and see the zoo Christmas lights. Christmas eve is our time together and we do not leave the house. We always get invitations to go to dinner or see lights etc, but we decline and spend the entire day and night baking, crafting and reading Christmas books, and new pajamas on Christmas eve are a must 😉

That sounds like fun! I love the idea of new pajamas on Christmas Eve and just staying home and spending time together. Love it! 🙂

We don’t have Advent calendar as a part of our Christmas celebration, but it seems like such fun for kids that I’m thinking every year of introducing this tradition in our family 🙂 Well done for making yours by yourself!

Thanks! It’s a fun tradition!

We are still figuring out what our family traditions will be. I’m constantly reading up on other peoples’ suggestions. Thanks for sharing!

It’s fun coming up with family traditions for Christmas. Such a special time of year!

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