Simple Homemade bread crumbs

Posted on: December 6, 2015


My oldest son, Giovanni, is allergic to sesame. Because of that I can’t use store bought bread crumbs since they contain sesame seeds. But, since I use bread crumbs a lot in my cooking, it’s essential I have them. So, I just make my own. It’s super easy to do and they will last you a while.

Here is what you will need to make the bread crumbs:


Stale bread (can be any kind of bread. I usually use Italian bread)

Dried Parsley

Dried Oregano

Black Pepper

Garlic Salt


Start by laying your bread out a few days ahead of time to dry and get nice and hard. Then store it in either a ziplock bag or an air tight container.


When you are ready to make your bread crumbs, break up some of the pieces and put them into your blender (excuse the look of my crazy old blender. I seriously need to get a new one…).


I usually start by hitting the pulse/ice crush button a few times to break up the pieces more and then I put it on blend and let it do it’s thing. You can blend them up as fine as you like. I don’t make mine really fine, I leave them a little chunky.

Once you’ve ground up all your bread, pour it into a bowl and add the seasonings. Now, I do have to tell you that, like most Italians, I don’t really measure stuff. So, I’m afraid I don’t have exact measurements of how much of the seasonings I use. Start with a tablespoon and mix them in and see what you think. In all reality, it’ll probably be more like two tablespoons each, except for the pepper. Don’t want too much of that…


Once you’re done mixing, just store the bread crumbs in an air tight container and you’re set!

Super easy!




2 Responses to "Simple Homemade bread crumbs"

Love homemade bread crumbs! great recipe, thanks for sharing 🙂

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