Nap time stall tactics

Posted on: February 14, 2016


It used to be so easy to put Raylan down for a nap. Used to be…

Now that he’s two and a half, he hates having to take a nap and will do anything to try and get out of it and/or prolong it as long as he can. He has become the master of stall tactics.


Stall tactic #1 – Telling me he has to go to the bathroom.

He will actually need to use the potty, but he won’t completely go. He will go just a little and then tell me he’s done. We’ll get back into his room and then he’ll tell me he has to go again. Raylan usually attempts this at least 3 times. Fortunately, mommy has figured out this little trick and now I sit there with him in the bathroom and make sure he finishes before we go back into his room.


Stall tactic #2 – Asking to read a book.

This might not seem like a big deal, but we normally don’t read books at nap time. Books are reserved for bed time and Raylan knows it. Nonetheless, every day at nap time he asks to read a book just to prolong the inevitable a little more.


Stall tactic #3 – Telling me he wants to play with his toys.

After potty time, Raylan walks into his room and immediately goes for his toys. He’ll look at me with his big grey/blue eyes and long eyelashes, give me a huge smile and ask to play with his toys. Hard to resist that cute little face…but, mommy stays strong and there is no playing with toys. We just transitioned Raylan from his crib to a big boy bed this weekend and decided if we were ever going to get him to nap, we’d have to take the toys out of his room. Stall tactic # 3 defeated!


Stall tactic #4 – Telling me he wants to lay down on my bed.

He’s a smart little guy, I’ll give him that. But mommy has figured him out. You see, Raylan thinks if he can get me to bring him in my room, he won’t have to nap. He tells me he wants to sleep in my bed but I know better. He really just wants to jump up and down on mommy and daddy’s bed and not sleep. Nope! Sorry kiddo!


Try as he might to get out of nap time, mommy always wins this battle. Well, usually. 😉 There is the occasional day we miss a nap.


What does your child try to do to get out of nap time?



4 Responses to "Nap time stall tactics"

Ha! Mine just says.. But I’m not tired and its still morning lol.. Sometimes he just plays in his room and pretends he took a nap for an hour lol..

LOL! Well, at least he stays in his room. Ha ha!

An occasional day of missed nap? I am so jealous! My 2 1/2-year-old napped TWICE last week. Ack! At least she stays in her bed until I get her. She’s singing at level-10 volume, but at least she stays put!

Oh boy! Well at least she stays put. Lol

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