A Money Saving Babysitting Solution

Posted on: February 23, 2016


As a stay-at-home mom who also works from home, I split my time between being at home, going to play dates, moms group, and Bible Study. While most days I am home with my son, there are times when I need to go out and can’t take him with me. Even though I work from home, there are the occasional days I need to go into the office for a meeting, am working as Blossom, the Flower Fairy or at USC or have a doctor or dentist appointment.

The problem then becomes finding a babysitter. Paying for a babysitter can get pricey and daycare is expensive also. Not to mention that most daycare centers require you to pay a weekly fee and don’t necessarily have drop-in rates, where you can drop your child off just for one day here and there and pay an hourly fee. If you have family who lives nearby they may be able to help. But, what do you do when you don’t have any family around and you’re on a budget an extremely tight budget and need a babysitter?

Most stay-at-home moms have friends who are also stay-at-home moms. Well, guess what? They may be in the same situation as you. After all, stay-at-home moms have things to do too. We don’t just sit around the house all day and do nothing, never needing to go to the doctor or other appointment, or run errands that would be much easier to do without children.

So what’s the solution? Set up a babysitting exchange with your stay-at-home mom friends

One of my friends and I have partnered up to help each other. When she has appointments or something she needs to do, I will watch her daughter and she will watch my son when I need to be somewhere. Neither of us have family in the area so when we first became friends we came to a mutual agreement where we would watch each others children for FREE. We’ve never felt an obligation to pay each other. This is just something we do to help each other out, mother to mother. It’s a wonderful arrangement that works really well for us.

I know it may seem awkward to request this of someone, but don’t be afraid to do it. You never know. Your friends may be looking for a babysitting solution, just like you are.

What ways do you save on babysitters?


6 Responses to "A Money Saving Babysitting Solution"

Thanks for this suggestion!! There are a few moms I’ve connected with who have a few days off during the week or are full time stay at home like me. I’ll keep this little gem of info in mind 🙂

You’re welcome! It’s such a great solution when you don’t have family around and are trying to save money!

I’m not a stay-at-home mom, but my neighbour and I have watched each others kids from time to time (her grandson in her case) as needed, we have exchanged with another friend with kids, and we are fortunate to have my parents nearby. The one time we paid for babysitting, it was our daycare providers daughter after hours at daycare – which was an option that worked really well for everyone.

All that to say, there can be many good solutions out there if you ask around!

Yep! We do the same thing with our neighbors.

We do this with a local group of moms as well! It’s such a great money saver, and I also feel so much more comfortable leaving my child with friends who I know and trust 🙂

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