Wild Kratts Birthday Party

Posted on: September 26, 2016


My baby turned three years old this month. Three!!! I can hardly believe it. Kids really do grow up SO FAST.

My little guy has a love for Wild Kratts, so it was only fitting we do a Wild Kratts birthday party. This was actually the first party I’ve done for him, so I wanted to do it up right.

The first thing I did was hit up Pinterest and the PBS Kids website for party ideas. I found so many great ideas and couldn’t wait to incorporate them. Also, the PBS Kids website has FREE printables! You can’t beat that! I did buy a couple of printables from Etsy, but most of what I used came from the PBS website. Other food and game ideas I found on Pinterest. You can check out my Wild Kratts party board on Pinterest HERE.

The Food

For the food I made some fun Snake Sandwich’s, Dirt Pudding, Lion Veggie Dip, Cheetah Tails, Caterpillar’s and a Creature Power Cake. I used the PBS Kids printable food labels as well as THESE printable food labels I found on Etsy. I also decorated the table with THESE cute tented animal fact cards from Etsy.




The Games

I had three games prepared for the kids. We did a Cheetah Race, a Creature Rescue, and a Caterpillar Cocoon.

For the Cheetah Race, the kids raced from one side of the yard to the other, while on all fours.

For the Creature Rescue, I buried some toy animals in a bin of plastic balls and the kids had to dig through it to find all the animals and rescue them.


For the Caterpillar Cocoon, the kids wrapped each other in toilet paper to form a cocoon and then the “caterpillars” had to break out of their cocoon.


The Favors

For the favor bags I printed and cut out THIS water bottle label from Etsy and taped it to the front of a brown paper bag. I filled the bags with “Large Mouth Bass” (Swedish Fish), “Fireflies” (Glow sticks), Bookmarks, an Adventure Passport, and a Forest Search and Find picture. HERE is the printable for the labels I used for the Bass and Fireflies.


All in all, it was a super fun day and a very successful party!

Keep on Creature Adventuring!!



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[…] food. I didn’t really do much of a theme with the food like I did for my younger son’s Wild Kratts birthday party. I had chicken salad with Hawaiian rolls, a cold veggie pizza, fruit with a caramel dip, Pom Poms, […]

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