Beautiful Holiday Cards and Party Invitations

Posted on: December 7, 2016


I was recently asked by if I would review their products on my blog. Being it’s the holiday season and I’m always on the lookout for new greeting cards and party invitations anyway, I said yes. So here is a review of their products for you, my readers (And, by the way, I opted to do this one for free, so I am not making any money off of this). sells Christmas and All Occasion greeting cards, party invitations, and announcements. They also have an assortment of business products (cards, designer stamps, notepads, and personalized stationary), as well as a variety of calendars.

When I first looked at the cardsdirect website, what stood out to me the most were the vibrant colors of the cards and the vast array of designs available. The colors are very bright and cheerful and really make the designs pop. When I received my sample cards in the mail, I was very pleased to see that the physical cards in front of me were just as beautiful as they appeared on the website.


Another thing I like about these cards is that not only are there a lot of design options, there are also different texture options. The party invitations are available in a coated matte or uncoated matte finish. The coated matte gives the invites more of a gloss and shine and a smoother feel to the touch, while the uncoated matte are more that of a typical matte card with no shine.

Some of the holiday cards are available in your “normal” cardstock, but others are available in a Premium Textured Felt, a Metallic finish, Textured Linen, a Satin finish, plus a few others. Each texture makes the card unique to the touch and visually appealing.

The party invitations and announcements boast unique designs and beautiful templates. I have looked at multiple greeting card/invitation websites in the past and felt that their designs were all the same. But, when I went to, I immediately noticed how distinctive their designs are from others I’ve seen before. For me, they stood out above other companies.


One other thing I really like about cardsdirect is how easy it is to customize your card/invitation on their website. Once you choose a card, the options are displayed on the right of the screen and stand out in a bold orange color. You can easily pick your paper texture, quantity, size & format, and type of envelope.

One final bonus of this site is that you can order FREE samples of the cards! You don’t have to be a blogger to get them. They are available to everyone. How many of you have ever had the experience of ordering Christmas cards or party invitations that look great online, but you are disappointed once they arrive? It happens. But with cardsdirect, you can order free samples first and check them out before you decide to purchase. That’s a win-win, if you ask me!

So, overall I was very impressed with and enjoyed their products.

Hop on over to their website and check them out!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go order some cards.


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