How to get rid of your children’s toys in 3 Easy Steps without them even noticing

Posted on: January 4, 2017



Christmas is over. You look around at all the new presents your children received, most of which are toys, and realize your children have way too many toys. More than they need. And you know something has to be done about it.

But how do you get rid of toys without your children noticing? Without the temper tantrums, crying, and whining because they don’t want to part with any of their toys. Even if they haven’t played with them in months.

I’ve discovered it’s actually not as difficult as you might think.


Take notice of the toys your children no longer play with

My boys go through phases where they play with certain toys for a while and then don’t play with them anymore. I’ve started paying more attention to which toys are the favorites and which they hardly touch. When I have figured out the toys they no longer play with, I make a mental note of it and plan to get rid of them.


Get rid of the toys when your children are not around

Find a time when your children aren’t around to pack up the toys. I usually do it when my boys are both playing outside or when my oldest is at school and my youngest is napping. Whenever it is, make sure your children aren’t around because as soon as they see you with the toys, they’ll ask what you’re doing with them. If you tell them you’re getting rid of them, well, expect a fight. The second they find out you’re getting rid of the toy, it suddenly becomes their favorite toy again, even if they haven’t played with it in months.




Hold onto the toys for two weeks before getting rid of them

After I pack up the toys in a box, I hide them in my closet for a couple of weeks before I get rid of them. If my boys notice any of the toys are missing and ask for them, I know they still want the toy and will play with it. If that’s the case, I’ll put the toy back in the toy box. But, if they don’t notice at all, I take the toys to Goodwill or give them to a friend.

I have done this multiple times and only once did boys ask for one of the toys. Otherwise, they never noticed the toys were gone. In fact, about a month ago I got rid of a large toy truck the boys no longer played with. On a recent trip to Walmart with my six year old, he noticed the exact same toy on the shelf. He turned to me and said, “Hey mom, we have this at home.” I just smiled because while we used to have that at home, we didn’t anymore and he hadn’t even noticed! In fact, he didn’t even notice when we got home that very day after seeing it in the store. Hasn’t mentioned it once. 



How do you get rid of toys?





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