5 Fun Ways to Spend Time Together as a Family

Posted on: March 1, 2017


We are in a stage of life where things are often busy. It feels like I’m always running here and there, whether it’s for a play date, work, play rehearsals, church commitments or something else. There is always something.

When life is busy it’s so easy to get caught up in everything that’s going on around us that we forget to stop and just be. It’s so important to set aside special time together as a family, besides just dinner time. And, let’s face it, some families don’t even have dinner time together because of their crazy schedules.

But time together as a family is what we need; time to appreciate each other, love on each other, and just have fun together.

Here are five ways my family likes to spend time together.


Movie Night

Every Friday night at our house is movie night. We eat dinner together and then gather in the living room to sit and watch a movie. Even though my husband and I may have other things we want to get done, we put all that aside to spend some time with our boys and enjoy a movie.


Game Night

My boys love to play board games. We will often put time aside after dinner and sit and play games together. It’s a simple and fun way to spend time as a family.


Family Outings

What better way to spend time together as a family than go on fun family outings? We often go to the zoo, children’s museum, aquarium, parks/playgrounds, and the library. You can also do things like bowling, miniature golf, fun parks, ice skating/roller skating, etc. The possibilities are endless!


Family Story Time

My boys love reading books. So, every night we sit down together before bed time and have story time. It’s something we all do together. It’s not only a way for us to spend quality time with each other, but it also fosters a love of reading in our children.



We love doing different crafts in our house. Anything from making cards for others, sticker books, collages, coloring, play doh, painting, putting model cars/planes together, and more. It’s a great way to get creative and spend time together.


How does your family spend time together? Leave a comment and let me know.




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