DIY Summer Schedule

Posted on: June 28, 2017

School is out and summer is here. The time of year when children rejoice at not having school and stay-at-home moms everywhere think, “What am I going to do with these kids all summer?”

Many families do summer camp, sports or VBS. But if your family is like ours and your children aren’t participating in an organized summer program, how do you establish a good routine for them so your house doesn’t turn into a free for all?

My boys, like most children, need structure. Daily structure. Otherwise, they’ll play together for a little while but will then end up arguing most of the time or just wanting to watch television all day. So I came up with a weekly schedule to help keep some structure in our days, still get some Kindergarten prep time in, and allow my boys to have fun also. The chart also lets my boys know exactly what to expect each week.


Each day has A.M and P.M. activities and begins when they wake up and ends at bed time. Since I used Velcro adhesive dots, the pictures are easily movable and interchangeable. And it enables my sons to help me put the schedule together each week.

I love visual charts like this because it really helps young children who can’t read yet to easily tell what they will be doing each day.

Charts like these are simple to make. For mine, I used poster board, markers, printable pictures that I got from HERE (which also include blank circles so you can make your own), packaging tape, and some Velcro fasteners (I started the chart with the fasteners pictured below but quickly ran out and then purchased some smaller Velcro Dots because that’s what was available in the store that day; both kinds work very well).


In order to keep the pictures intact and to make sure they last a long time, you’ll need to laminate them. However, if you don’t have access to a laminating machine, like me, here’s a little trick you can try. Take some clear packaging tape and put it on top of the pictures (you will need multiple pieces of tape to cover an 8.5×11 sheet of pictures like the one above). Just fold the edges of the tape over the sides of the page and then cut the pictures out. Easy!

When your schedule is complete, hang it up on the wall and display it proudly! I also hung the extra pictures up next to the poster, so they are easily accessible for when I need to add one to the chart.



There are many different types of schedules you can do. I chose to do a weekly schedule, but you can split it up even more and do a daily schedule, morning schedule, or afternoon schedule. However you like! Some examples can be found HERE.


Do you have a summer schedule for your family? What’s it like?

2 Responses to "DIY Summer Schedule"

This is a great idea!

Thanks! It was pretty easy and works well. My boys love helping change the stickers each week.

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