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I recently had the privilege of  throwing a baby shower for a dear friend of mine. I wanted it to be elegant and very special for her. So I decided to throw a baby shower tea party.

Here’s what I did:


Tea Sandwiches

I decided to make three different kinds of tea sandwiches.

1). Strawberry Chicken Salad – These were so easy to make and absolutely delicious! This is my new favorite chicken salad recipe!

2). Ribbon Sandwiches – While these were very pretty, I have to admit I was a bit disappointed in how they tasted. They were OK, but not the best sandwich I’ve ever had. I think in the future if I make Ribbon sandwiches again, I’ll use a different recipe. This recipe called for pink and green food coloring, but I changed it up and used pink and purple.

3). Cucumber Sandwiches – This is a must for a tea party! Such a classic. While most cucumber sandwich recipes use dry Italian salad dressing mix, the recipe I used did not. I wanted to try something a little different and it was perfect! So good!


A tea party wouldn’t be complete without scones and cream!

I used The Pioneer Woman’s Lemon Rosemary Scone recipe. Sweet and tangy and oh so delicious! My guests couldn’t stop raving about them.

To go along with the scones, I made this recipe for Easy Devonshire Cream. The two were a match made in heaven!


The Cupcakes

I didn’t do anything super fancy here. Just used a Pilsbury Moist Dark Chocolate cake mix and this buttercream frosting recipe. I used food coloring to dye the frosting pink and found some gorgeous white wafer flowers to put on top. Simple yet very pretty.




I wanted the set up to look elegant and as authentic as possible. I used a lace tablecloth, doiles, and my rose china and tea set.



For the silverware and napkins, I found THIS pretty idea on Etsy and copied that. I bought paper doiles at the store and the little tea pot charms from Etsy.


Since it was a tea party, I used tea tins for the favors. I placed a variety of tea bags inside and decorated the outside with ribbon and a simple label that said “A Baby is Brewing” and had my friends due date.

Table Setting

Aside from the lace tablecloth and china, I wanted to add a little more to my tablescape. I put paper doiles on each plate and placed the favor on top. I also used large pink (fake) peony flowers I had and two vintage glass jars for the centerpiece (I also used the peony’s on the food table).I placed them on top of a cloth/lace napkin I purchased years back on a trip to Italy. I used the matching lace tea cloth and the remainder of the cloth napkins on the food table.



All in all it was a very lovely party and tea time. The mom-to-be enjoyed herself very much and felt spoiled.

Happy Tea Time!



When we first moved to South Carolina I felt a bit lonely. I had been excited to move here, but I didn’t know anyone. I had no friends and no family. My husband would go off to work at his new job and I would be at home with my youngest son feeling left out and alone.

Moving from a place where I had lived for 11 years – where my friends where – to a brand new place where I didn’t know anyone, made me feel isolated. Not only did I leave my friends behind, I left behind a job I loved, teaching theatre classes. I didn’t have any of that here. I found myself missing our old home and life very much.

Realizing my desperate need for connection, I decided to give the mom’s group at our new church a try. I remember sitting in that first meeting and “sizing up” the other women in the room. I wondered to myself if I would be able to connect with any of them and become friends. Good friends.

It was then I met Krista. We talked that first meeting and seemed to connect right away. We exchanged phone numbers. I was hopeful we’d become friends but also a bit skeptical, feeling unsure. I mean, how could anyone compare to the friends I left behind? But, I needed friends so I put that fear aside, stepped out of my comfort zone, and took a leap of faith.

That was one of the best decisions I’ve made.

Krista and I became fast friends and close friends. Turned out, she had only just moved here six months before me and was also looking for other mom friends. It was through Krista and our church that I soon met my wonderful Mom Tribe.

Me and my Mom Tribe

I recently read a quote by Matt Nathanson that really resonated with me. He said,

“We need each other so much. Going through this world without a village of people you can love and be loved by is not what we are made to do. I have had such a battle all of my life connecting and staying connected, getting out of my way and being vulnerable and open. But we are never better than when we are together. We are at our best in community…we are capable of love and empathy and sweetness and connection, so much deeper than we even understand.” 

He is absolutely right. We need our mom friends and they need us.

We are all in this journey of motherhood together. It’s a difficult but rewarding journey that may batter us as we walk the path, but with our mom tribe around us, we carry on. That support and love from our friends, that solidarity we experience, it’s what keeps us going day to day.

So surround yourself with other moms; women who can relate to your current life journey and who will support you and lift you up through the good times and bad.

Find your Mom Tribe and keep them close.


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