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If you ask anyone who knows me what my favorite movie is, they will be able to respond without hesitation; The Princess Bride

This movie has been my favorite since I was a kid and it always will be. No matter how many times I watch it, it never gets old. And, I do watch it a LOT. In fact, I’ve watched it so many times I can put the movie on mute and pretty much quote the entire thing word for word. No joke. Yeah…it’s my favorite. Maybe an obsession, but whatever.

As any good parent would do, I have passed along my love for The Princess Bride to my children. My boys love the movie (almost) as much as I do. So when my oldest asked me to have a Princess Bride themed birthday party this year, I couldn’t resist. I said to him, “Gimme the 65, I’m on the job!”

So here is our Princess Bride themed birthday party…



I made Princess Buttercup crowns for the girls to wear and Dread Pirate Roberts masks for the boys. Everyone also received a fill in the blank name tag in the format of “Hello, my name is Indigo Montoya…” Below are some of the fun ways my friends and their children filled out their name tags.



I had so much fun with the food for this party! We had Iocane powder (pixie sticks), rocks (rock candy), Six-fingered man (chicken ) fingers, Lightning Sand, The Chips of Insanity, Shrieking Eels, Miracle Max pills, R.O.U.S. meatballs, and MLT’s.


I didn’t really do many games this time around. But I did create a Fire Swamp in the backyard for the kids to walk through. I acted as Princess Buttercup and my birthday boy was Westley. He lead us all through the Fire Swamp to safety. We battled fire spurts, lightning sand, and even R.O.U.S.’s.


I wanted to do something special for the favors. I didn’t just want to throw everything in a bag. Nope. This was a Princess Bride party, so that meant the favors had to live up to the quality of the book/movie. So, I asked a friend (with a die-cut machine) to make paper book favor boxes with the cover of the Princess Bride book on them. They turned out amazing! On the inside, the kids received Iocane powder (pixie sticks), a Princess Bride button, a Princess Bride coloring page, Princess Bride stickers, and circus peanuts.

This party was such a blast! My son loved it and everyone had a great time. If you love The Princess Bride, I encourage you to try this yourself!

The printables I used for the party were from HERE and HERE.

I leave you with a picture of all the Princess Buttercup’s and Westleys, along with the cutest Dread Pirate Roberts ever. Enjoy!


My youngest son turned four last month. When I had asked him what kind of party he wanted, he immediately said a pirate and mermaid party. Here it is for you:

All guests had to follow the path to in order to arrive at the party.

I set up a fun photo “booth” area for the kids. All pirates got a hat, eye patch, and sword. All mermaids got a necklace, hair clip, and ring. They also got to make up their own pirate and mermaid names.

I drew a large treasure map on some butcher roll paper and hung it up on the wall as the backdrop for the food table. I decorated the table with some pirate toys my boys have and some costume jewelry and pirate treasure. I also made a jar of “mermaid wishes” and “mermaid treasure”. I had a lot of fun with the food for this party! There was treasure map pizza, crabby sea shell pasta, walk the plank Jell-O, driftwood (pretzels), seaweed spirals (ham & cheese spirals with spinach), fish and chips (goldfish and chips), pirate booty, and pearls (Sixlets).

Polly the parrot is guarding the treasure maps I made for each child to use on our backyard treasure hunt with Firebeard the pirate.

For the drinks, I had a mermaid potion and all who wanted to drink the potion had to sign a contract. If they drank the potion, they would become a mermaid. 🙂

For the favors, each child got to take home the costume pieces above. But they were also sent home with a treasure chest filled with pirate stickers, a necklace, and jewels.

Since I work as a Fairy for Wings and Whimsies, my boss and her husband offered to come to Raylan’s party as their mermaid and pirate characters, Pearl and Firebeard. It was a blast! The kids learned pirate lingo, got to walk the plank, were told two stories, and went on a treasure hunt lead by Firebeard. The kids ate it up and had so much fun!

Enjoying their treasure after the treasure hunt! Oreo gold Dabloons.


Happy Birthday banner on the front of food table found HERE.

Grab Some Loot sign can be found HERE.

Mermaid Potion contract found HERE.

What’s Your Pirate Name found HERE.

Food labels can be found HERE.

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