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This post is to raise awareness in honor of National Eating Disorder Week

February 26 – March 4, 2018

I have struggled with my weight pretty much my entire life. It has gone up and down the scale like a roller coaster; ever changing.

I was overweight when I was a child. Attribute it to not eating healthy, not enough exercise, too much screen time, family genes or what have you, but I was overweight. And I knew it. It left me feeling self-conscious around others. Always self-conscious. I was the awkward, overweight, self-conscious kid that got made fun of by others at school.

As I got older, things didn’t change much. I was bigger than most of the other girls at school and constantly felt left out and as if everyone thought I was ugly. I can still remember being in fifth grade and overhearing the other girls in my class making fun of me as they were looking at my picture in the yearbook…


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Please read and share! It’s important to help young women who are struggling with an eating disorder.

Recently, Kelly Clarkson posted an adorable video on Instagram of her two-year-old daughter trying Nutella for the first time. As you can probably imagine, the haters out there had a field day with this. Poor Kelly was ripped to shreds with comments saying she’s a bad mother because the Palm Oil in Nutella causes cancer. Some commented it has too much sugar and her daughter will get fat. Then there were those who even dared to say that Kelly Clarkson giving her child Nutella is a form of child abuse. Child abuse! Really? 

I think things have gotten a little out of control in how our society judges others. And how we as moms judge each other. Don’t you think? Especially when it comes to how we take care of our children. The sad thing is that it isn’t just in the media. It infiltrates our daily lives and even our play dates…


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