Children’s Food Allergies

Welcome!  Here is where I’ll have links to my blog posts on children’s food allergies as well as helpful and informational links on living with food allergies. Please check back frequently as I will update the page from time to time and add more information.

Allergy Related Posts

My Worst Nightmare Realized, Part 1 – Our oldest son showed signs of food allergies from a very young age.  He eventually outgrew some of his allergies and I began to think we were in the clear.  Then one day, he broke out in hives…Continue Reading 


My Worst Nightmare Realized, Part 2  When we discovered our oldest son was suffering from life threatening food allergies, I knew things would never be the same again.  My heart filled with worry.  My mind  began to be consumed by thoughts of something happening to “G”…Continue Reading


A Love/Hate Relationship With Food – It’s hard to describe what it’s like to be the parent of a child with life threatening food allergies. I often times feel like I’m standing out on a ledge thousands of feet in the air all alone. People say, “I’m so sorry” when they find out. Or, “I didn’t know it was that bad” but they can’t really understand what it feels like unless they too have experienced it…Continue Reading


Distinguishing Between Nut Allergies – It’s important to understand the differences between allergies in order to ensure we can help those around us with that allergy, avoid their allergen and a serious allergic reaction…Continue Reading


Allergen Labels – When it comes to managing my son’s food allergies, I rely on package labeling. I’ve learned to look for those key phrases: “Contains…” or “Processed in a facility that handles…” I also ALWAYS read the full ingredient list to double-check…Continue Reading


To the Woman who said Nut Free Schools are Not Ok  Yesterday I read your post about how you think peanut free schools are not ok. As the parent of a child with a life threatening nut allergy, your article did not sit well with me…Continue Reading


An Allergy Friendly HalloweenHow to have a safe Halloween…Continue Reading


Confessions of an Allergy Mom, Installment 1 – Sometimes I wish I could sit all my friends down in a big auditorium somewhere and do a presentation for them on food allergies. I want them to understand why I do what I do to keep my son safe..Continue Reading


A Sudden Scare – Yesterday was like any other Saturday in our house. We got up and relaxed, not having anywhere urgent to go. My boys played and watched a little tv, had lunch. We ran a couple errands, had dinner and then gave the boys a bath right after. Bath time was when everything changed. After the bath I was putting lotion on Giovanni and saw them. Hives…Continue Reading



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