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Every morning I drop my son off at the babysitter on my way to work.  I bring him into her house, get him out of his jacket, hat and mittens and hand him over.  He gladly goes to her, smiles and waves goodbye to me as I leave.  No tears, no fussing, no separation anxiety.  This is great, right?  If he had separation anxiety it would be a lot harder to leave him every day. How would I be able to leave him when he was crying because he didn’t want mommy to leave?  Seeing tears flow down his cute round face breaks my heart.  So, I should be very grateful he doesn’t do that, right?  Well, here’s a little secret: part of me actually wishes he did fuss when I leave.  Not a lot, just a little…

When your baby fusses when you leave them, it lets you know just how much they miss you, need you and how much they love you.  Even though you don’t want them to be upset, it’s kind of a good feeling.  Everyone likes to feel needed, loved, and missed.  Especially by their children.  While you want them to be happy and do well at the babysitter’s house, there’s this small part of you that screams, “Miss me!  Just cry for me for a second. Please!  Or, at least pretend like you’re going to miss me today”.  It seems insane to think that way (and, maybe it’s just me and it is insane) but that’s what happens.   The feeling just creeps up on you as you wave goodbye to your baby and walk down the sidewalk to your car.  And, even though your child is happy and excited to start a new day and play with his little friends at the sitters house, you walk away feeling a little sad. 

I always look forward to the end of my work day.  Not because I don’t like my job (I do like my job), but because it means I get to go pick up my little man.  I love picking him up because I walk in the door of the babysitters house and he gives me a HUGE smile and squeals in delight when he sees me.  And, there it is.  There is the “I’ve missed you mommy” that I have been waiting for.  It makes me feel warm and fuzzy all over.  I love picking him up, holding him tight and feeling his tiny hands pat my shoulder as he hugs me.  There is no other feeling quite like it.

Tonight we’re going to see a show with some friends so, naturally, we have a babysitter coming over.  Normally, this isn’t a problem.  I make a phone call or two and am able to find a sitter without much trouble.  This time, not so much.  I’m not sure what is so special about October 21, 2011 that makes every babysitter known to man unavailable, but apparently it’s something.  It was quite an adventure trying to find someone. 

My first call usually goes to one of my girlfriends.  However, they are going out with us tonight so that wasn’t an option.  My  second option is normally to ask someone from church.  Well, tonight is our church’s Fall Children’s outreach, so everyone I would ask from church will be there.  This puts me in a hard situation because between church friends and my girlfriends, that’s about 7 or 8 people who are my “normal” sitters who my son is used to.  Now I’m in a position where I have to ask someone who he is not as familiar with and since he’s now in the “mommy don’t leave me phase”, this could prove a little tricky.  So, here comes some creative thinking… 

I decided my next option was to ask co-workers.  Co-worker number 1 = not available   *sigh* REALLY?  Next, I asked the parent of one of the children I teach in my CYT classes.  Also not available.  I was ready to give up at this point.  I emailed my friends and told them I probably wouldn’t be able to go out with them.  I tried to think of more people at work I could ask and came up blank.  I unhappily resigned myself to the fact that we would not be going out tonight because there was just NO ONE to babysit.

Then, she walked into the room….(cue dramatic cheesy music here).  AHA!  I could ask my friend Kristen from work.  This seemed promising. I was filled with hope as I asked her if she was available.  She said most likely but she wasn’t 100% sure.  She had another event that hadn’t been finalized yet and wasn’t sure if it would be on the 21st or not.  I awaited her answer very impatiently as the next couple days agonizingly went by.  Finally, an answer.  YES!!!  WOOHOO!!  I danced a jig when I found out because I was so happy (well, not really… but I could have)!  Thank God for Kristen!

Here’s to hoping this was a one time deal.  I don’t want to have to go through that again!

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