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Last week I did a product review on the IllumiBowl. Well, this past Friday night the creators of IllumiBowl were on Shark Tank! I am happy to report they made a deal with Kevin O’Leary! Check it out for yourself HERE (If you have cable you can log in and watch it now. If not, it will be available for viewing for everyone Friday, March 18.).

Today, I’ve got a great post for you on a fun St. Patrick’s Day craft you can do with your kids! Check it out over on Mama Is Joy, where I’m a contributor.






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This time of year we start to see our Pinterest feeds flooded with lots of Fall crafts, most of which involve turkeys for Thanksgiving. While I love all the turkey crafts, I also enjoy doing crafts with leaves.

Fall is one of my favorite times of year because of all the changing colors of the leaves. All the rich reds, yellows, purples, and oranges blend so beautifully together and create the most scenic drives and amazing walks.

My boys and I love going for walks together so last week we combined our love of Fall leaves with walking and went on a leaf hunt. We picked up quite a few beautiful leaves and brought them back home for our craft.

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I used a roll from a roll of wrapping paper and flattened out (I did this because I wanted the brown color but you can easily do this on poster board or any kind of paper).

Next I drew the outline of a tree on the paper and then my sons and I picked out our favorite leaves from our walk and glued them onto the paper. My sons also helped color in the tree and some grass along the bottom of the page under the tree. When we were done we had our own beautiful super colorful Fall tree!

That’s it! Super simple and fun craft.

What’s your favorite Fall craft?




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